We have all heard the adage about building better mousetraps, which is why designing for marketability is so important in order to gain viral product exposure, something that every home inventor hopes for.

The Mako Invent designed and developed Tongue to Teeth product by Canadian inventors Adel Elseri and Sid Fayad is the most recent example of huge success in this, gaining exposure in just 24 hours on the Huffington Post, Edmonton Journal, Design Taxi, and even translated for a major Blog website in Russia, among a half dozen other places (and growing!). 

Have you ever had something stuck in your teeth that just drove you nuts or needed a quick brush after lunch?  Inventors Adel Elseri and Sid Fayad came up with a solution to this common problem most people face with their invention, the T2T (Tongue to Teeth) a tongue mounted tooth brush designed for hands free and convenient mouth maintenance.Mako Invent Tongue Monted Cleaner Rendering

They came to Mako Invent for help with their invention idea a few months ago.  We immediately loved the idea, and were impressed by the ambition and dedication of these two young men.  After meeting at our office downtown Toronto, Adel hired us to begin doing the research, conceptualization, CAD Design, rendering, rough prototyping, and eventually short-run manufacturing of the Tongue to Teeth product.

The T2T was designed to capitalize upon the range of movement of the tongue by means of a medical grade silicone sleeve which stays put by suction while raised peaks in specific areas clean the surfaces and crevices in between teeth, along with providing breath freshening in the process.  Most importantly, it was designed to be interesting, and it’s paying off by word of (fresh) mouth.

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Kevin Mako

Kevin Mako

Kevin Mako is the entrepreneurial founder of MAKO Invent. Along with discovering a need for a company that would provide home inventors and product developers with a path to turn their invention ideas into powerful businesses, Kevin focuses his time on growing the product development industry as a whole.


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