Remember that creative imagination we all had as kids?  These children put that youthful innovation into impressive and highly-profitable and successful products (with the support of their parents of course!)…


The Popsicle – Frank Epperson (11 Years Old)Child Inventions - Frank Epperson - Popsicle Inventor

In 1905, 11-year-old Frank left a flavoured drink mix outside with a stick he had used for stirring the concoction.  The next morning, after record lows, he came outside and noticed the drink had frozen to the stick thus creating a unique treat.  18 years later Frank patented the concept and two years later made a small fortune licencing the idea to the Joe Lowe Company in New York.




The Man-Can – Hart Main (13 Years Old)Kid Inventor - Hart Main - Man Can

Recently, 13-year-old Hart was getting sick of all those girlie smells from traditional candles.  This is when he came up with the idea of candles for men with scents such as Fresh Cut Grass, Sawdust, New Leather Mitt, etc. and used recycled soup cans to keep the product green-friendly.  The whole business started from only $100 that he earned delivering newspapers, flyers, and umpiring for local recreational sports leagues.




Ear Muffs – Chester Greenwood (15 Years Old)Young Inventors - Chester Greenwood - Earmuffs Inventor

In 1873, 15-year-old Chester was frustrated with having cold ears as he was ice-skating but didn’t like the bulkiness of a hat (he must not have wanted to mess up his hair for the young ladies!).  He shaped two small wires then got his Grandmother to sew fur patches on each side.  He then started selling tens of thousands of them to the U.S. Army in WWI.  Chester’s hometown of Farmington, Maine is known as the Ear Muff World Capital.  He passed away in 1937 as a very wealthy and successful man thanks to his 15-year-old ingenuity.



So next time your children come to you with an idea you think is crazy, it might be worth taking a second thought!




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Kevin Mako

Kevin Mako

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