What makes a great innovation entrepreneur?   Many people would respond by saying “creativity”…that the invention entrepreneur  had a great idea.   That makes sense…except it would not be accurate.  Many a great idea has not made it to market.


The answer is perseverance.   This is the one quality that distinguishes the “would be” innovation entrepreneur, from the real thing.

Let’s use a relevant example that everyone knows about.   Steve Jobs.   Innovative?   Yes.   Creative?  Yes.  But were those the qualities that ultimately led to his success?   No.   Mr. Jobs faced immense challenges in nurturing his idea(s) along.   Did he ever quit?  No,    Not even when he lost his company.   His perseverance defined him.   It is a trait common to overachievers – they never give up on what they believe in.   They always find a way to realize their dream and overcome any hurdle.

So, if you are an invention entrepreneur with an idea, the first thing you need to do is look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that once you decide you really do want to make your idea a reality…you will not stop until it is.   Then take that first step and never look back.

That is the key to innovation entrepreneur success.   Good luck!



 About the Author

Robert Colgan

Robert Colgan

Robert Colgan is a Senior Industrial Designer at MAKO Invent. With a background in engineering, Robert brings with him his passion for design, as well as an artistic background.

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