A closer look at the engineering design of the Stud Horse is it's bench option


Design Engineering – It can make or break a product. At MAKO, we believe good design engineering makes all the difference when deciding on a product, as it adds value and improves the overall quality. Most of the time good design engineering provides convenience and multifunctional ability. The Stud Horse is a product that hits all of these points and more. The Stud Horse, created by Adrian Hayles – owner of Behind the Front Visual Art’s Studio, is an all in one studio workbench, equipped with three different uses. First, it can be an art horse, used for drawing sitting down. Unlike regular art horses that are uncomfortable, the Stud Horse has a cushion padding that will assist with any discomfort when drawing. The horse can then transform into a drawing board. This drawing board sits upright and is extremely sturdy. From there it can transform into an easel, another form of artistic expression. It is then able to fold upright into a flat board and be put away, taking up very little space.




Design Engineering Taken to a New Level

The design engineering of the Stud Horse, which retails for $390, is truly one of kind. It allows individuals to have three products that work extremely well, while providing comfort and organization to the highest degree. James Chalmers, Vice-President Strategy, MAKO states, “The consumer market is always receptive to multi use products. That being said, you need to ensure your product is at least as good or better at each individual use as products that are purposefully meant for that exact purpose. The Stud Horse is a great example of doing that extremely well.” The art community in particular appreciates and recognizes when something has high quality design engineering. The Stud Horse is visually appealing with its wood finish, and is exactly the type of thing artists would benefit from. Artists are constantly required to have multiple supplies and products in order to complete their tasks. In terms of design engineering, these products are not always the most suitable for studio spaces and homes. On the other hand, the Stud Horse is designed with space in mind, requiring very little storage area and has all the necessary characteristics needed to become a staple in the art world for years to come.







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