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Golf Without Obstacles – DV8 Sports

A sport may be purely for your entertainment, a way to pass time, or taken to a competitive level. Perhaps, it’s a combination of the above. For many of us who enjoy a particular sport, there rarely are any downsides. Well, there may be a few; convenience to be more specific. It’s not exactly easy to lug around heavy, bulky equipment during your daily happenings. It’s also quite troublesome, and quite frankly, frustrating to pack and repack the equipment required for certain sports; golf being one of them.

Our friends at DV8 Sports have solved that very problem by offering a one of a kind solution to golf without obstacles. You may ask, what exactly is “golf without obstacles?” Where traditional golf equipment is cumbersome and space-consuming, DV8 Sports’ success market launch offers a compact alternative to full and partial sets of golf clubs. 40 pounds of equipment is reduced drastically to 15 pounds. You read right! The golf clubs can fit into a bag equivalent to that of a commuter or college student. For any avid golfer, it’s definitely not too far fetched to say, that’s unheard of. With headlines like ‘Golf made easy, where golf is hard’, its relatively easy to buy into the brand.

Clubs will come in three different shaft flexes suited to your personal needs: stiff, regular, and ladies/senior. The secret lies in DV8’s patented coupler technology, which allows club heads to be interchanged on one or two custom shafts, taking less than 3 seconds, with no tools or torque wrenches required. Golfers will not have to sacrifice performance and durability as DV8 Sport’s equipment have been put under player testing and show no performance deviations from conventional golf clubs. Whether you’re on the go, a passionate golfer, space restricted, or new to the sport, there’s something for everyone.

Here at MAKODesign + Invent, we think that DV8 Sport’s portable golf club and bag design for people-on-the-go is a definite game-changer. It comes as no surprise that it has most successful golf equipment campaign to-date on Kickstarter and will undoubtedly have a successful market launch this early fall.

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