startup devices to help you breathe easy with clean air

Wynd: Your Personal Smart Air Purifier

Today we have a lot of control over much of what we allow and don’t allow into our bodies. What we don’t have control over yet is the air we breathe. Many of us typically take the air that we breathe for granted, which contains particulates of all sorts including harmful allergens, germs, and industrial pollution. While there are many startup devices that claim to remove impurities in the air, there are few that are practical to use on to the go each day.

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Wynd Air Purifier

Science Helping You Breathe Better

Wynd is a startup device company out of Redwood City, USA that aims to tackle these issues with their new portable air purification system that comes at the size of a water bottle, so you can take healthy air with you in any environment. Ray Wu (CEO) traveled frequently to Asia where he came first hand with some of the poorest air quality on the planet. As an engineering major at MIT, Ray quickly recognized that he needed to take action; he co-founded Wynd in 2014 along with a team of other MIT engineers, designers, and even a former rocket scientist to create this innovative technology. Read Ray’s blog post here.

Breathe Easy Everywhere You Go – And Track It Too!

Wynd is a 2-in-1 device that gives you the ability to filter the air you breathe anywhere AND has a detachable piece, called the Wynd Air Quality Tracker, which monitors the quality of air in your environment (as if a portable air filter wasn’t cool enough). The tracker pairs with their Wynd iOS app, Air Bubbles, to help you gain insights on your environment and the air you’re breathing.

The product contains a medical-grade electrostatic filter capable of capturing 99% of particles over 1 micron, and also has an antimicrobial silver layer which kills 99% of microbes. The filters typically last for 3 months in polluted environments and can last up to 1 year in less populated environments. Replacing the filters is automated based on how polluted the air is around the filter.

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Startup Devices to Help You Breathe Easy

What makes their startup device product truly unique from substitute products is the fact that it’s mobile, comes with a wearable air quality monitor, and aims to operate seamlessly with their app; making it easier for users to gather info on their air quality, receive notifications when air quality worsens, and even keep track of when they should be purchasing new filters for their device. This new device is truly breathtaking!

The Wynd team launched their Kickstarter Campaign earlier this month and has gained significant traffic. Having received financial support from over 1000 backers and with more than 30 days to go, Wynd has met over 25% of their pledged $50,000 goal! We’re excited to see the positive impact this product will have on its users!

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