Who Doesn't Want a Frankenstein-Shaped Pumpkin Head?

Five Halloween Inspired Inventions

MAKO Design + Invent – October 31, 2017

We’ve seen some unique patents over the years. Industrial design includes a wide realm of inventions and you never know what product is going to hit the marketplace next. In the spirit of Halloween, our product development company has rounded up five unique designs that will either have you wondering “how did I not think of that” or “wait, what?”.

The lifelike bat

Bats are one of the stars of Halloween. They’re creepy, only come out at night and every spooky haunted house in a horror film includes bats swarming out of it. Patent #5,285,898 has an adjustable wingspan and realistic features that will spook your trick-or-treaters by guiding them right to your doorstep. Muhahaha! How’s that for a spooky product development company?

Knifeless pumpkin carving kit

This patent was listed in 1989 when pumpkins leaned more towards the generic, triangle eyes and nose. The inventor, John Bardeen was inspired by families working together to carve jack-o-lanterns. Back when the Bardeen family carved pumpkins, their Grandpa created tools to help them carve creatively and safely, without knives! Today pumpkin carving kits like this have blown up, all thanks to Grandpa Bardeen. Our product development company knows tools are constantly altered to be more efficient or effective, but when it comes to carving pumpkins, you just have to use the right tools!

Our product development company knows tools can be re-created to get the job done in a better way, or more efficiently.

Grandpa Bardeen’s knifeless pumpkin carving kit.

“Stop eating candy” watch

Today we have food diaries on our mobile phones, sensors on our wristwatch or Fitbit and more. However, before that, a patent was created in 1990 that helped you control your excessive candy eating at Halloween. The watch-like product detected when your hand was near your mouth and activated an alarm. Every. Single. Time.

Halloween candy backpack

This Halloween backpack allows kids to collect their candy while still having their hands free for eating! It also helps them carry that heavy bag of treats all the way around the block. The backpack has a chute over one shoulder for collecting treats. A practical industrial design for the kids at Halloween! As a product development company, we knew this was an area of opportunity as we spent most of our Halloween’s carrying a pillowcase!

As a product development company, we've seen the weird and wacky, but this is up there!

Frankenstein-shaped pumpkins.

Pumpkin and vegetable molder

This patent was granted in 1989 and was an apparatus for molding fruit. A home gardener could take the mold, close it over something like a pumpkin, squash or gourd and it would grow against the mold to create a detailed design. This industrial design definitely was creative and we would love to see some pumpkins shaped like our favorite Halloween characters like Frankenstein. Our product development company knows inspiration can come from anywhere, which was this case for this invention. Now there are heart-shaped watermelons and star-shaped cucumbers sold all year long!

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