Three Innovative Inventions for Your Furry Friends at Home

Three Innovative Inventions for Your Pets

Dog bowls, crates, dog beds, leashes, all the typical pet products we own when we have a pet. However, there are so many additional innovative inventions out there that go beyond the basic pet care and help make owning a pet easier. These are only some of the neat innovative inventions we’ve come across lately that help keep your pet happy, and you at ease.

Space Saving Inventions for Your Furry Friends

MYZOO’s Spaceship Gamma

If you’re a cat lover, you know the pain of trying to find room in your house for those ugly carpet-covered cat towers for your cats to perch on. They don’t compliment any of your decor, and they’re just straight up annoying to have filling your living space. MYZOO has solved this by developing innovative inventions with a more modern, practical twist like their Spaceship Gamma which is mounted to your wall and serves as a sanctuary for your cat to nap and hang-out. 



Petnet Pet Feeder

A healthy diet for your pets is just as important as your healthy diet, however, being able to be home or remember to feed your pet when they need it can be challenging on top of your busy schedule. The Petnet Pet Feeder is listed on this innovative inventions list because it’s so smart that it makes you wonder how you didn’t think about it first. You use your Petnet smartphone app to tell the device about your furry friend (age, weight, etc.) and it’ll dispense the exact amount of food needed when you’re not around. It’ll even tell you when you’re running low on food!

New Innovative Inventions to Help You Treat Your Pets from the Office

Petzi Treat Cam

Another innovative invention is The Petzi Treat Cam, which solves another problem pet owners have. Ever feel bad about leaving your pet at home while you’re at work or out somewhere that you can’t bring them along? This innovative invention, the Petzi device lets you interact with them even when you’re not home. Use the device to speak to your pet, listen for a reply, take pictures, and even dispense treats. Gone are the days of feeling guilty or having your dog sit at home all day without hearing your voice!

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