Design Evolution of the Historical Holiday Stocking

Design Evolution of the Holiday Stocking

The holidays are quickly approaching which means Christmas lights, trees, and all the festive decor is starting to fill stores, streets, and homes everywhere. We have all grown up with many holiday traditions, that often times we don’t even know where they originated. Take the holiday stocking for example. We hang them up along our mantels and they’re filled with goodies from Santa on Christmas eve, but where did that tradition begin and how has the design of the traditional holiday stocking evolved? Here is a breakdown of the design evolution of the stocking…


Holiday Stockings Revolutionized

The Legend

The legend of the Christmas stocking begins with an old English story. According to this story, there once was a widowed nobleman who lived with three daughters. Unable to pay for this daughters to marry, the nobleman prayed for good fortune. One cold night, his prayers were answered and fortune came in the form of Saint Nicholas. Since the nobleman was proud and unlikely to accept a gift of money out of hand, St. Nick slipped down the chimney and left behind the money. Since he didn’t want to just leave the money out, he decided to hide the gold inside each of the three stockings left hanging on the mantel to dry.

Since then, children wanted to keep the legend and generosity of St. Nick alive by hanging stockings each year on the mantel waiting for the arrival of that jolly man in the red suit. In some countries, shoes and clogs have replaced stockings, and in other countries, the story of this tradition differs.


Minimalist Christmas Stockings

Design Evolution of Stockings Today

Today the design of stockings at Christmas range in all shapes and sizes. You can buy stockings that are even the size of you. However, most of us have upgraded from drying, worn socks, to unique and fancy stockings, homemade or store-bought, ranging in colours, and design. The design evolution definitely has gone from a simple tradition started at home, with the stockings that you have in your drawer, to a giant industry inspiring people to decorate their homes and mantels with sparkly, knit, fuzzy, etc. stockings.

We love looking at how designs have evolved. What are some of the interesting stories you’ve heard behind the products that have played such a major role in our lives?

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