The World's Youngest, Most Innovative Entrepreneurs

The World’s Youngest, Most Innovative Entrepreneurs

MAKO Design + Invent – January 26, 2019

Many of us are fans of hit invention TV series’ like Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank. Watching earnestly from our couches, as these brave contestants take the stand. With each innovative entrepreneur who presents their idea, we often are thinking of our own inventions. These types of thinkers are what the world needs more of. People who think outside the box, who strive to make common everyday products better. Here are some of the world’s youngest entrepreneurs who did just that; they thought with their own agency to implement change in the product design world.

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Teal Drones CEO & Founder George Matus

Innovative Entrepreneur Changes the Perspective

At just 18 years old, this innovative entrepreneur commenced his sprint into the world of business in 2016. George Matus started Teal Drones to help the world experience the awesome potential of drone flight. He had been tinkering with drones long before he opened his own company, and he has created the world’s fastest production drone. Matus made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list as well as the Thiel Fellowship. This is an association for students under 23 years old which offers them $100, 000 over two years, and provides guidance along with other resources so they can begin their careers. This is a useful tool for those with imaginative minds and unique business opportunities, to help them pursue their dreams of being an inventor. Attention young minds of today, take a look at how you can apply to become apart of this amazing foundation.

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NOHBO Shampoo Drops

No Waste, Less Haste: Meet Innovative Entrepreneur Ben Stern

Shark Tank investor, Mark Cuban took a chance on this innovative entrepreneur, Benjamin Stern from Melbourne, Florida when he was just 14. Stern developed these eco-friendly body products for his company Nohbo. Environmentally friendly shampoo, conditioner and body wash which comes in the form of single-use drops. They are water soluble and work in just seconds. The mission is to eliminate the waste of shampoo bottles ending up in our landfills each year. The drops are scented with a rosemary mint blend of essential oils, infused with notes of sandalwood. They leave hair moisturized with nourishing argan oil, aloe and green tea extracts. Ben realized his goal while in middle school selling cookies for a bake sale, understanding that cute young faces as sales reps appealed to him. Fast forward to today, and his dreams turned reality. Stay tuned as the line drops Spring 2019.

innovative entrepreneur

Maya Penn at a TED Talk

Maya’s Idea’s 4 the Planet

Maya Penn, an innovative entrepreneur who founded her company Maya’s Ideas when she was only 8 years old, in 2008. As CEO of her environmentally sustainable fashion accessories, she is an activist amongst the company as well. Maya’s Ideas 4 the Planet is an organization she started to give 10% of all profits to various charities. She has used her voice to get her message out there and even wrote a book called You Got This! Unleash Awesomeness, Find Your Path, and Change the World. She was even specifically chosen by Oprah Winfrey as the youngest Supersoul 100 entrepreneur, change maker and thought leader. Staying true to your core ideations is an important factor in becoming a successful and innovative entrepreneur. Let your passion lead the way and understand why you are pursuing an entrepreneurial business. Many great inventions are the results of hard work and strong beliefs. 

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