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Why Team Building is Important

MAKO Design + Invent – August 2, 2019

As an inventor or entrepreneur, starting a small business starts with having and acquiring a dedicated team. Whether your team is small or big, your team will be with you step by step of the way in your product design, creation and production. Although it is of the most importance to focus on creating your product and planning the future of its success, especially if anticipating its release in a competitive and fast paced market, one thing that a lot of entrepreneurs may put on the back burner is taking the time to get to know and appreciate their team. Your team plays an extremely important role in the future and success of your product and business as its impossible to run a business by yourself, and each person in your team plays an important role that has to be appreciated and noticed from time to time in order to keep up morale and motivation for your business to work.  Below are some great tips and explains why team building is Important.

Helen, Amy and Kelsey – Our office team enjoying the boat ride to the Toronto Islands!

Why Team Building is Important

Team building can be done in several different ways, and in the realm of team building, team appreciation plays a big role. A few basic ways to practice team building is to simply have frequent group or team meetings where the team can take a small break from work and interact with other. Allow your team to speak about their goals, their hobbies, how they’re feeling and what they’re up to. Work and your business are important but trapping yourself in a continuous hard-working mentality can take a toll of your stress levels. For this reason, team building is important because it’s vital to give yourself and your team and break from time to time. During these meetings, allow your team to recognize and respect the feelings and thoughts of one another without interruption. A good method for showing appreciation to your team during these meetings is to encourage team support. An example of team building is how Mako Design and Invent host two weekly team meetings where the team can talk about their goals and achievements for the week. In this case we can see that

Kevin, Ryan, Demsey, Luther and Nav!

How to Practice Team Building

Team building is important because it gives the chance for your team to work with each other in a less formal, and more interpersonal level. There are different ways that a team can practice and approach team building. Some can take team building as a chance to practice or teach important work lessons, or you can approach team building a quality time in which the team can get to know each other and bond. No matter the approach, team building is a great opportunity to take a break from work, build stronger relationships and have some fun with the people you see every day. Some great ideas for team building are organizing events that are enjoyable for the whole team and require the team to work together or interact with each other. This can include nights out, eating out, going to a park, hosting a barbeque, going to events and activities or simply going out for drinks. Based off this, an example of team building is how Mako Design and Invent we love to plan different activities and opportunities for the team to interact and get to know each other. Recently, we hosted a boat ride and barbeque and the Toronto Islands! The team at Mako Design and Invent got to spend some time socializing, playing games and enjoying food.

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Our Ceo Kevin on the grill!

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