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Newest Innovation in 3D Printers – 3D Food and Chocolate Printing!

MAKO Design + Invent – September 9, 2019

3D printers have become a huge and helpful invention in the world of design, and by far one of the hardest realms of design to master is the art of gourmet food, gastronomy and confectionaries. Seen as a professional art, skill, and masterpieces, mastering the art of creating both visually stimulating and good tasting food is an impressive feat to conquer. However, like all things in today’s day and age, technology seems to find itself in tertwined in all field and markets, and the world of food is no different. As 3D printing is used to innovate and create different products in an amazing and new ways, 3D printing innovation itself has become increasingly popular as inventors are looking to use the same technology that makes 3D printers work and see what else they could make! In 2015 a spin-off company from a group from the University of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf named Print2Taste began to develop and create the first food-printer, the Procusini!

New Innovation to How we Create Food Delicacies

Chefs of all kinds are sure to be amazed with this new technology made specially for the food industry. What started as a Kickstarter project, the Procusini Food printer is an 3D printing innovation that is designed to work the same as all other traditional 3-D printers. This innovation in 3D printing is just as easy to use as a regular 3D printer and takes little time from unpacking the machine to immediately make your first 3D printing food creation! The machine conveniently connects through WLAN and operates on a wireless basis, therefore after unpacking and inserting the specialized Procusini refills, and your edible product will be ready in no time. Since the refills are technically food based and edible, a lot of interested consumers would be worried about how the printer needs to be cleaned in order to avoid contamination and hygiene. Luckily, the Procusini requires no cleaning as the refills do not come into direct contact with the printer. Majority of this 3D printing innovation is made with stainless so if needed, it is easy to clean with a dishwasher. The idea of this innovation in 3D printing began as a Kickstarter project and quickly gained funding as food professionals and caterers all over the world were amazed by this type of food technology that makes confectionary and gastronomy easier to create.  

An Innovation in 3D Printing Made Only for Chocolate Only

After the major success for their 3D food printer, the startup Print2Taste, brought forward a new concept to their infamous 3D food printing technology. This time, they decided to create a specialized 3D printer that operates exclusively on printing chocolate! The Mycusini is a specialized chocolate 3D printing innnovation that operates at the same speed and quality as larger, more expensive 3D food printers. This design specifically is small and enough to fit into the smallest kitchens, saving large amounts of space. Additionally, like all 3D printers made from Print2Taste, the machine is easy washable as it is made with stainless steel. The benefits of having this printer is that as chocolate is a difficult medium to use when making specific designs, this printer makes it easy to create text or image design chocolate creations to decorate larger desserts. The printer works the same the mentioned printer above where all the owner needs to do is simply fill the cartridge with the special Mycusini 3D chocolate, use the wireless software to choose your desired design, and in minutes your 3D printed chocolate creation is made!  Tip- easy to create specific and detailed designs

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