Innovative Travel Products That’ll Save You on Your Next Trip

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Taking a trip or going on vacation is always exciting and something to look forward to, however, one thing that most people dread about going on vacation is the way to their destination. Flying in airplanes is not always the best or most comfortable experience especially if you’re not flying first or business class, so finding the best solutions on how to make your flight experience more comfortable and effortless is a big priority for travelers. Whether you’re taking a short plane ride or an international flight, here are the best innovative travel products that are sure to make your ride more enjoyable!

The In-Air Innovative Travel Product for All Your Flights

Anyone who’s rode in a plane before can probably agree that there isn’t much space to move around. Given such a small space and the fact that you basically have to be seated the whole ride – the amount of space given for you to both be comfortable and to have room for your on-board ‘essentials is sparse. If you know you’re a traveler who likes to keep everything they need with them on the flight close to them, then this handy invention is perfect for you! The SpAIRTray Travel Shelf is shelf that latches on and attaches itself to almost every window seat shade track. Given this extra shelf, the flyer can easily place their items or have another arm rest at their convenience. This product is one of the best airplane inventions for long flights where you know you’ll need an extra area for all your things close by.

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The Innovative Travel Product to Always Keep You Looking Professional

As a lot of professionals find themselves having to take the sudden trip overseas or in another city to attend meetings or conferences, packing for professional wear is a must. The problem with most professional wear is that no matter the cut, style or material or the clothing, if the piece is wrinkled or frumpy, the wearer struggles to look professional. Flying out to different cities in this case can be an issue. When you’re so tight on time, how can you find time to find a place to steam or iron your clothes? What if your hotel has no access to these utilities? The solution for this common problem comes in the form as one of the best airplane inventions for professionals yet, and that is the Steamfast Mini Iron. Safe to pack into carry-ons, the mini iron is a portable and space saving product that anyone from professionals to families can carry along with them anytime they find they need to quickly iron their clothes. If you’re running short on time, the iron heats up quickly and conveniently in order to have all your clothes straightened out, ready for you to head out to your next even without the worry of looking disheveled.

An Innovative Travel Product Perfect for Families

Travelling and managing kids can always be hassle as airports are known for being notoriously busy places. With so much people passing by and trying to catch their flights, having a list of bodies to manage and keep track of is never an easy task, especially with smaller children. Its important to always keep your young ones close to you as airports are a likely place where children can get lost. A solution to this problem is the best airplane invention perfect for families with children, the Micro Lazy Luggage. This product combines two things that most parents need when travelling with their kids through populated airports, a stroller and a luggage. Rather than having to pull around separate items, this product combination makes it easy to always have your eyes on your child, and your hands-on items. The best thing about this innovative travel product is that even when you’re not using it in an airport, you can easily use it while strolling on the streets.

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The Portable Vacuum Pump

Before hoping on a plane for a trip or vacation, most people spend years saving up for the feasible funds to be able to enjoy themselves to fullest when they’re ready to take their trip. Its not uncommon for travelers to incur a lot of sudden and unexpected costs and purchases as travelling creates a lot of spontaneous events. With this in mind, a lot of travellers would prefer to travel as cost-efficient as possible, and not run into unnecessary fees. Some of the most common fees when travelling is luggage and weight costs. Most people carry a lot of luggage going to and coming back from their destinations, and for this reason, a lot of people spends hundreds on additional luggage’s and bags as they find that they run out of room. A handy, portable and innovative travel product that is a perfect solution to this problem is VAGO travel compressor. Vacuum compressors aren’t a new concept; however, a portable travel compressor is just what travelers for when they find themselves coming back home with additional goods from their trip. This invention helps save space for the traveler, overall saving them the hassle from needing to buy more luggage for extra items and not having them run into the chance of incurring extra travelling and weight fees.

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Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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