Best Product Business Tips from Seth Godins’, ‘Purple Cow’

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As inventors and innovators, it is always important to stay ahead of the game and be aware of the never-ending changes that occur within a busy and multi-faceted realm such as product design and development. A lot of different inventors and innovators have a lot of different resources they turn to for inspiration, motivation and information, and one of the most helpful and long-time favorite sources of information is books. With so much information out there, it’s hard to pin-point what one should read, study and apply to their life – luckily, the strategy team at Mako Design loves books and is always ready to recommend a great source of information with the best product business tips to its loyal readers and fellow inventors!

Seth Rodin’s ‘Purple Cow’

Standing out with its unique name, Purple Cow is a book written by Seth Godin who is a notoriously well-known author, entrepreneur and innovator. He’s written multiple critically acclaimed books in the past that revolved around different aspects of business and marketing in hopes of revolutionizing and provide eye-opening insights to the world of marketing and entrepreneurship. His book ‘Purple Cow’ focuses on what makes successful businesses successful. While most people who assume that large companies are successful because of years of work and accumulated profits, Seth Godin points out that each successful business has one thing in common – A Purple Cow.

A Purple Cow can be described as something unique, phenomenal, exciting and unbelievable, contrasting the mundane and boring, tired out products and services that people are so accustomed to seeing in their day to day lives. In ‘Purple Cow’ Seth Godin discusses how you can create a Purple Cow for your business and use it to bring your business to spectacular success. We thought that Seth Godin insights on business was a great resource that would be perfect for our audiences, thus, we’ve shared some of the most valuable product business tips from ‘Purple Cow’ to help inspire our readers and build their businesses.

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Product Business Tip: “Transform your business by being REMARKABLE”

Its no common for business owners to focus on creating a line of products that just meet the bare minimum. Although it is good to be stable having a loyal line of products, what will make your business stand out and reach ultimate success is to create something more than just what already works. Without reinventing or innovating your business and what it offers, you run the risk of never seeing improvement in where your business is headed. Having a well-running business is good, but to improve and achieve more is even better. Not only can you create an amazing name for yourself and your business, but you can gain immense success and profits that can help expand and grow your business. A great product business tip is to take the effort to take what you have and look for ways to create a more unique, special and different product and service and watch your business improve.

Innovating over Advertising as a Top Product Business Tip

A common misconception that businesses believe is that as long as they rely on advertising or new and trendy ways to market their business, they can succeed. Relying on marketing and advertising is an outdated method, especially with so much competition, innovation, and stimulation that already exists within new marketing methods. Relying on marketing is never just enough for your business. An amazing product business tip, rather than focusing all your efforts on advertising your business, look for ways to innovate your business or your products so that audiences notice you, rather than trying too much to be noticed by your audiences.

Captivating audiences and consumers by introducing a new product or service that has never been seen before or offers something that is not already available will bring people to your business and amazed by what you’ve built. In this way, rather than relying on marketing, you rely on word-of-mouth from consumer impressed by your services or products, which is far more valuable than advertising deriving from your own efforts (people are more influenced by the thoughts, opinions and feelings of their friends rather than from businesses themselves).

“The way to breakthrough to the mainstream is to TARGET YOUR NICHE instead of a huge market.”

Although some of the most successful products come from products that are attractive to most audiences are those that mass market appeal, it is always a good idea to start out strong through targeting a niche audience. The main product business tip here is that although some businesses might feel that targeting a niche audience might not bring as much profit as a mass market would, having a loyal audience that believes in your business and product will not only gain you profit, but will give your business a lifetime value through knowing that you always have a dedicate consumer audience.

Additionally, a business can run the risk of failing if it tries to relate to a large market without a product or service that initially has mass market appeal. If you don’t have a product or service that can appeal to everyone, you waste time, efforts, and money trying to appeal to the wrong audiences instead of focusing on where your products or services strength lie in with a niche targeted audience.

Product Business Tip for the Market: “FIND THE MARKET FIRST, then make the remarkable product.”

Finally, the final product business tip that relates to what is popularly discussed throughout this blog, is the market. It is important for every business to understand where they fit in to any market. However, rather than just knowing your market and your competition, look deeper into your market. Look at what your audience needs, and what problem you are solving for them. Look at why and how this problem exists and how your business is solving is that for them in the most efficient and innovative way possible. Once you understand your market and audience you can begin to see clear patterns in what it is your audience are looking for and need, which will open up doors for your business in order to create the perfect product to succeed in your desired market and for your business.

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Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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