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Having an idea for a product can be extremely exciting, especially when you realize you get the opportunity to create an amazing design for your idea! Not only are new and innovative designs an exciting part of design process, but also allows you to see how design, engineering, material and function go hand in hand to create an amazing product. One aspect that often gets overlooked though is that once you’ve created your product, it’s time to release it out to the market! Most businesses create intricate and detailed marketing plans and put in multiple efforts to get their advertising for their product just right, however, the initial drive they had for designing an amazing product falls lackluster when it come to the packaging of their product. Below are a couple reasons as to why product packaging is just as important for your product and business.

Good Product Packaging Helps your Business and Brand Stand Out

No matter how much you spend time targeting your audience, increasing your marketing efforts, or studying your market to prepare for the launch of product or business, it is undeniable to say that it’s a hard journey to get your business to stand out amongst the high amount of competition that exists. Brands and businesses spend thousands on marketing, social media, advertisements and promotions to get their product as much expose as possible to audience, but nothing will grab the attention of an audience fast enough as an aesthetically pleasing, and eye-catching product package. Having standout product packing will not only bring audiences to your product but will help your brand and business stand out. On store shelves, people will immediately notice your product from its packaging due to how different and unique it looks. Not only will they recognize your product, but your brand as well.

How Product Packaging Works with Color and Aesthetics

Color and aesthetics are a powerful tool that multiple businesses, brands, companies and marketers use to influence people. Colour has a strong effect on people’s emotions and can influence them to feel or do certain things. One way to use colour in product packaging is to use bright or contrasting colours to stand out and catch the attention of customers walking by. Alternatively, the main colour of your product packaging can make people feel certain ways. For example, white product packaging can give consumers the feeling of simplicity, safety and purity, whereas a light blue indicates playfulness, and a dark blue is more professional. The more unique colours you use together in your product packaging the less ‘sophisticated’ your product seems (Hence why toy products are so colourful for children). When choosing the color for your product packaging, make sure to pay attention to targeting the right kind of audience and the way you would want them to feel when approaching or seeing your product.

Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool

As most businesses spend a lot of time and money on marketing efforts, they forget to realize that one of their best assets for marketing is their own brand, logo, and product! Having a distinct and unique product package is a great way to create a smart marketing scheme. Using different elements, colour, logo or slogans that can attach itself to the packaging of your product can be beneficial to your marketing since you create a recurring pattern that will create a lasting impression onto your audiences or consumers. For example, using the logo or colours from your product packaging on marketing content can link images, symbols, or colours to remind audiences of your product and business. It’s important to stay consistent with your marketing and product so that any look, design, color, image or words that are associated with your product links back to your brand (or vice versa, your brands image linking directly back to your product). Examples of how this can be implemented is attaching your products logo or main colours

Use Your Product Packaging for Brand Awareness and Recognition

Following from the last point, once you recognize the power that accompanies using your product packaging for marketing, you can then extend this to creating an overall memorable product and brand image. Think about some of your favorite or most well-known brands such as Starbucks or Coca-Cola. Most people would assume a white coffee cup with brown sleeve is a Starbucks cup, whereas an image of a polar bear and the colours red and white would assume Coca Cola. Creating a strong product packaging with consistent logos, colours, and slogans is the best way to build continual brand awareness and recognition for your business. When people see similar product packaging, an aesthetically pleasing color combination, or image/symbol that is representative of your brand, people will recognize and be reminded of your product which is great for not only creating a stand-out business, but to become a leader in your desired market.

An Exemplary Model of Perfect Product Packaging from One of Mako Design’s Clients!

To best represent what we mean by amazing product packaging that goes hand in hand with marketing, product packaging and brand awareness is one of your most popular and successful products, Moonlite! Designed to be a kid’s toy in where parents can use their phones a mini projector to project stories to read with their young ones, the packaging for Moonlite is fully representative for what the business and brand is all about. Take a look below!

Reflecting the function of what Moonlite is meant for, the product packaging features a cute and aesthetically pleasing concept, as the product is tucked in between a book-like packaging. The cover features colourful characters and the brands logo, encompassed around a white border, letting audiences know that while this is a children product, it is more so for the parents use (The colour and white create a good contrast symbolizing both a product that children and adults can enjoy). The logo is branded once again on the side the products packaging with a light blue and yellow, both contrasting colours that stand out against the simplicity of the white. Seeing as how Moonlite is small product in itself, the bigger packaging represents how the product functionality is bigger than its size. The clever product packaging and balanced use of colour make Moonlites product packaging not only aesthetically pleasing for both kids and adults (the targeted audiences) but also clever, reminding consumers the overall concept of the products function.   

Want to learn more about Moonlite? Check out our past highlight blog here!

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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