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Motivational Design Tips for the Busiest Time of the Year

MAKO Design + Invent – December 5, 2019

As the holiday start to slowly approach, businesses, companies, and stores begin to face the rush of holiday gift shopping and the demand for services. making it the busiest time of the year. With so much going on, it can get hard and stressful to stay on top of things, especially when looking so forward to the holiday break! If you’re a designer and find yourself stuck thinking too much about the upcoming holidays and stressed with the suddenly increased pace at the workplace, here are some helpful and motivational design tips to keep your momentum and strong work ethics to keep you going until the year-end!

Take a Break!

A common mistake that most designers believe is that through any difficulty, the best cure to get over any rut or “design block” is to work your way through it. This method might end up more detrimental than helpful as it leaves you with more chance to mess up and burn yourself out! It’s natural to feel some pressure and possible some fatigue with so much work and projects coming to an end at the end of the year, but the worst-case scenario would be to work yourself out to complete exhaustion. An extremely helpful design tip is to step back and take a break. Whether is a 15 minute to a whole day off, getting yourself mentally together and realigning your focus is key to staying productive and motivated through busy workdays and stressful, fast-paced work weeks. Not only is taking a break helps to refresh your mind for creating and working on great designs but is also a motivational tip to keep you looking towards something throughout the day.

A Design Tip to Motivate You – Surround Yourself with Positivity

Even though the holidays call for cheerfulness and festivities, most people actually find themselves more stressed than joyful! With so much pressure and time-constraining limits within the workplace, it’s not uncommon to walk into a workplace where the atmosphere can be a little stressful. If you find yourself stuck in a situation where the people or environment around you is feeling slightly negative or stressful, a smart design tip that will not only motivate you but others around you is to take the initiative the brighten the mood! Whether it is organizing a small coffee break with your colleagues, surrounding your immediate space with little festive decorations, or a motivational message posted onto your workspace, positivity and staying optimistic is key for surviving the stressful and busy holiday season!

A Self-Explanatory Design Tip – Stay Inspired

Designers are inherently born with some level of creativity, but just because you are creative, it doesn’t mean that you’re completely inept from being uninspired! When the going gets tough, it’s easy for our minds to get consumed with focusing on only one certain concept and idea, and while it is to be extremely focused and determined when working on certain projects, including variety into your routine is a great design tip that helps keep some stress off your mind. Try to keep your mind stimulated with different inspiring forms of designs or new ways to create something beneficial to your overall vision and project. A variety of different inspirations and designs will not only keep you less bogged down from constant stress but will also remind yourself that there are more exciting projects and ideas to start and create once your initial project is done.

Treat Yourself!

Finally, in the spirit of the holiday season, a helpful design tip is to treat yourself! It may seem that since it is the season of giving you have to focus more on giving to your peers, friends, and families but don’t forget to treat yourself. Whether you buy yourself an item you’ve been eyeing for a while or give yourself a relaxing day off, reminding yourself that your personal needs are valid and satisfied is the best way to reward yourself for all your hard work and focus. Not only can it motivate you to get back on track for work, but it can give a sense of pleasure and joy during a stressful season and remind yourself that you still have time to enjoy your personal hobbies and interests.

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