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Products to Help Battle Snow ft. Mako Client CarGenerator!

MAKO Design + Invent – December 10, 2019

The year is slowly starting to come to end, but winter is just beginning! With the winter months quickly approaching, the weather transitions from a lukewarm fall to a blistering cold winter. While some may love the colder season, it’s undeniable to say that we all want to stay warm this upcoming winter! With so many different ways that snow and the cold can hinder our health, productivity and convenience, products made to help battle the snow are abundant as inventors look to solve the problems that arise with the colder season! Below are some of the best winter products for the snow.

A Winter Product to Keep Your Hands Warm!

We’ve all noticed that with the temperature dropping outside, the average temperature inside also takes a dip! It can become noticeably colder within your office or school building, and if you’re not dressed appropriately, a heater can’t save you! One handy winter product that would be especially helpful in the office is the ToastyMug. As coffee or a warm tea becomes the drink of choice during the colder seasons, you’ll love and appreciate this mug that keeps your hands warm! The design of the ToastyMug is specifically made to use the heat from your warm drink and heat up your palms and the outside of your hands!

A Quintessential Winter Product for All Outdoor Occasions

Unlike the ToastyMug, some people might opt for a more traditional method that doesn’t rely on a drink to warm their hands! Handwarmers aren’t a new concept for most as the popularity of this product skyrockets during the winter. Unlike some handwarmers that use hot ice to keep the hands warm for a limited time before becoming solid and cold, the Zippo Hand Warmer is a hand warmer that cleverly uses lighter fluid and flame to keep the winter product warm for up to 12 hours! Simply fill the product with lighter fluid and burn each side of the burner with a lighter and slip the product back into its warming patch to have a long-lasting and reliable hand warmer!

A Winter Product to Keep Your Feet Warm

Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning and stepping on an ice-cold floor. Instead of opting for socks or a regular pair of flimsy slippers, why not step into a pair of USB heated slippers! The brand Smoko specially creates home products with ultra cute designs, featuring a pair of S’more Slippers. Fitting for the season, these slippers are not only really cute, and made out of a plush and cozy material, but are heated! All you need to do is plug the perfect winter product in through its USB port, and wait for them to quickly warm up. Soon you’ll be able to lounge and walk around your place with heated feet all day long, not having to feel the cold of the floor as long as you have them on. A cute, comfortable and cozy way to stay warm even in the indoors!

Hand Warmers Made to Keep Your Hands Toasty

If you’re looking for an accompanying accessory to match your heated slippers, why not try a pair of fingerless heated gloves! We all know that the hands are typically the first body part to get cold whether you’re inside or out, but why should your hands have to suffer when you’re inside and away from the cold? From the same brand that created the above mentioned Smore Slippers, the Smoko Toast Hand Warmers is the perfect accompanying product that also features another cute design! Unlike other handwarmers, this winter product comes in the form of a slip-on glove with a heated features built into the glove portion, additionally, the product is designed with a cute toast figure! Like its sister product, simply plug the product in through the USB cable and wait for it to heat up. Once it’s warmed up, slip your hands in to keep them toasty all day!

A Life Saving Winter Product

Although there are many fans of winter who love the snow, there are times when weather can surprise us! Depending on where you live, especially in places like Canada, extreme amounts of snowfall can be a big problem. Luckily, there are a large number of inventors who focus on creating products that can help battle extreme weather conditions, such as our client, CarGenerator. Especially so during the winter season, power outages are a huge problem and can leave homes with out electricity, and most importantly, heat. Made as a winter product, with CarGenerator, you can turn your car into a power source in the case of any emergency, powering lights, TV’s, computers, fridge and your house for days! In the case you decide to take a winter getaway, CarGenerator works great to run important necessities during a winter camping trip. The product is light weight, convenient, reliable, works with both gas and electric car and has a super long runtime to keep you with power for as long as you need to.

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