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The Most Innovative Christmas Trees

MAKO Design + Invent – December 16, 2019

Now that that December has started, it is officially the season to be festive! Installations, festivities and fun lights are going to be abundant throughout cities and streets. One main and a huge holiday tradition that everyone is familiar with when it comes to the holiday season is setting up and lighting Christmas trees! Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, decorating a big and festive tree is a great holiday tradition and activity where families and friends across the world spend time together to get creative and set up and beautiful tree! As with all things creative, more creative minds and innovators are devoted to creating new and interesting forms of Christmas trees to help make their trees stand out amongst others! Check out some of the most interesting and innovative Christmas tree inventions patented by inventors around the world.

An Innovative Christmas Tree that Self-Extinguishes!

One common issue with Christmas trees is that although they are definitely pretty to look at, with so many decorations and lights, they can cause a possible huge fire hazard in any home! For this reason, it’s important to set up trees as safely as possible and be cautious about the environment their in. However, instead of being extra careful and factoring in different concerns when setting up a tree, this inventor thought it would be more worthwhile to create an innovative Christmas tree invention that self-extinguishes on its own in the case it ever catches on fire! The patent explains that a fire-extinguisher is essentially attached to the tree and once the device detects a fire, it will immediately extinguish and cover the fire, saving the house in no time.  

A Smoke Detecting Ornament for Your Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is never a proper Christmas tree without any garlands, decorations, or ornaments! Ornaments are a huge area in which creators and inventors can make cute, cool, interesting, and personalized designs and figures that families and friends can hang onto their tree to make them more unique and special. What’s even better than an aesthetically pleasing tree full of special ornaments, is a tree sporting a multi-functional ornament that is not only a great piece for your tree but also doubles as a fire detector! This smoke detector angel is a great, practical and smart invention to help let families and homeowners be aware in any case of a fire occurring.

A Moving Innovative Christmas Tree

Those who cherish decorating their Christmas trees know how much effort it takes to create a nicely coordinated and well-decorated tree. A lot of popular decorations, as with most festive decorations, include a lot of bells and strings. What else better to accentuate these decorations with a little jingle mixed in? An interesting and innovative Christmas tree invention was the idea of creating a vibrating Christmas tree! The inventor hopes were to help create a more festive tree by giving it a two-dimensional vibration that would not disrupt or break the ornaments on the tree, but rather help make the tree livelier looking and joyous. The invention works by attaching a device to the bottom of the tree and turning it on to make the tree give it a little bounce and shake, this way garlands and bells can give off a festive sound with every movement of the tree.

A Christmas Tree Invention That has Smell and Sound!

Looking for another way to be extra festive this year with your decorations and Christmas tree? Why not bring in an innovative Christmas tree that comes with its own scent and sound! A treat for those who prefer synthetic and artificial trees over a high-maintenance real tree, the design of this invention centers around incorporating a special festive scent and holiday music to the traditional Christmas tree. Not only will you have a tree to decorate to your heart’s content, but your tree will naturally be festive off the get-go with its built-in smell and soundtrack. The patent explains that through the initial structuring and support of the tree, a device is installed in order to play music and emit a pleasant smell that can fill up any room and bring a festive feeling to any room.

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