The Perfect Gift Guide for A Special Her this Holiday

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Consumer Electronics, Innovation, Inventions, Product Design

The holiday gift shopping season is upon us! As last-minute shoppers run to the shops to get their friends and family gifts right before Christmas, a lot of confusion goes around on what the best gifts are best to give to their loved ones. With so many different interesting products out on the market every day, it can get overwhelming trying to pick just one item! Luckily, tech products provide a great solution to those who don’t know exactly what would be helpful and long-lasting as a gift, which is why we’ve listed the best product gifts for the holiday season – specifically to give for a special ‘her’ this season!

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A Product Gift Fit for the Office

Whether the special girl in your life is a homebody or a workaholic, a good quality mug is always going to be useful. Rather than opting for any old mug that will turn your warm drinks cold and get stained over time, why not try the Ember Mug. The Ember Mug is a smart technology mug that ensures that your warm drinks stay warm! The way this mug is designed is through its built-in battery that controls the temperature of your drinks so that your coffee never gets cold. In the event that you might leave your drink out for too long, you can easily set the Ember Mug to heat it up once more and continue to enjoy your beverage as if you had just received it warm once again! The combined convenience and usefulness of the product make this one of the best and convenient product gifts to give a gift for a hardworking woman this holiday season.

A Product Gift Made for Everyone’s Smartphone

No matter who you are, it’s certain that your smartphone is probably one of your most important and cherished items. One issue that a lot of smartphone users is that because of the minimal and simplistic design that most smartphones have, it can be hard to keep a good grip on your phones without accidentally dropping the expensive device. With the popularity of selfies, a lot of innovators have taken advantage of the use of the phone case to make practical solutions so that smartphone users don’t drop their phones. For this reason, the Monet Ultra Grip Phone Case is a smart and useful product gift to give to anyone who you know that may drop their phone a lot or wants to take worry-free selfies! Not only does the Monet phone case help in not dropping your phone when taking selfies or Facetime calls, but the phone case also works like a mini card wallet and is designed to alleviate carpal tunnel strains and pains, so using your phone is painless!

A Product Gift Brought to You by a Mako Design Client!

Everyone knows a woman who works too hard! If you’re looking for the perfect gift to help alleviate and release some stress for the workaholic, or busy mom in your life, this product invented by one of Mako Designs cherished clients is perfect! The Shen Band is a calming and soothing wrist band with built-in beads that press against certain pressure points on the wrist that help soothe your senses. The best thing about this wrist band is that while it soothes through applying pressure, it also subtly releases calming essential oils into the air around you giving you an all-around pleasing and soothing aroma to help balance all your senses and relieve stress. The Shen band comes in an array of different styles that can suit the style and tastes the lucky woman in your life and makes for a perfect product gift for the holidays!

The Best Multifunctional Product for Her

A classic gift that any woman in your life is an oil diffuser! Rather than just gifting a typical diffuser, the Mahli Diffuser that combines some of the most useful technologies all in one. Along with being an aesthetically pleasing oil diffuser, this device doubles as both a lamp with a spectrum of different light hues to help set a calming mood in your space. Additionally, while relaxing to a calming light hue and pleasing smell, you can sit back and listen to your favorite songs as the Mahli diffuser has a built-in speaker that connects to any of your devices via Bluetooth. With so much technology and functions packed into one, the Mahli diffuser is the best product gifts to give to a special girl in your life who definitely needs a good at-home spa day!

The Best Product Gift for the Skincare Enthusiast

Have a friend who’s obsessed with skincare and beauty? Why not make their nighttime skincare routine and regime easier by gifting them this time-saving tech product! The PMD Clean is a skincare device that features SonicGlow technology. One of the best product gifts that are perfect for anyone with a tight schedule but still priorities skincare in their life, this chic and portable vibrating devices makes cleansing a more luxurious experience with over 7000 vibrations helping to give a deep clean that tones and lifts the skin for a youthful appearance. Not only does this device give a great cleanse with just the smallest amount of cleanser – saving you money, but also is gentle and powerful enough to give a good cleanse, serum and moisturizing experience. The brush is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, waterproof and odor-resistant, perfect for applying onto the skin.

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Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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