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Top Innovations of 2019 Chosen by the Mako Design Team

MAKO Design + Invent – December 24, 2019

As every year comes to an end, new inventions, trends and popular designs are created and thrive as monumental innovations that personified the year within the tech and design field. Amongst the top and most talented inventors and innovators, the Mako Design team narrowed down a small list of some of our most favorite inventions and innovation that helped make the mark of what 2019 provided to the tech and design world. Check out the list below!

How Drones Dominated 2019 Innovations

Drones are not an unfamiliar invention new to 2019, but rather, the accessibility and uses of drones outside of their original military uses are what makes it a top innovation for 2019. In 2019 we’ve seen the integration of drones for day-to-day uses as consumers have invested in the handy invention in order to transport, film and take up flying drones as a hobby. However, some innovators have used drone technology strategically in order to provide innovative services to people worldwide. As such, delivery service and company Zipline set out to build the world’s fasters and most reliable delivery drones in order to provide drone delivery technology and service to the world. Chosen as one of the top innovations of 2019, Zipline sets the marks of how innovation and technology can help promote a healthier, supportive, and humanitarian society that helps people around the world. Per example, Zipline’s mission of using drone technology to provide humans across the world who are in need of vital medicines and supplies is a reputable and proud 2019 innovation that not only helps to serve communities and humans worldwide but helps to reduce the costs it would take to fulfill these missions if it were done through a more dated and unsustainable method (Ziplines drones are battery-powered, which reduces costs and emissions).

An Athletic Wear Jacket as a Top Innovation of 2019

Designed in 2018 and released to the public in 2019, a top choice for our top 2019 innovations was the Solar Charged Jacket by Vollebak. This jacket was one of the winters of TIME’s best inventions back when it was introduced in 2018 but makes our list for a top innovation in 2019. The genius behind this invention lies in its construction and design that helps separate it from regular sports jackets. With the outside and active community, a huge problem that exists is how to create and stay safe when going out for runs and participating in sports outside. With the solar-charged jacket, runners and members of the active community can stay rest assured that they can stay warm, sweat proof, and ditch the need for extra light-reflecting material in order to stay safe and visible once it begins to get dark outside. The solar charged jacket is made of a highly responsive material that can be instantly charged to glow in the dark by any light source (Such as the flashlight on your iPhone). Not only can you light up your whole jacket, but also write and draw a design on it. The jacket is sustainably charged through sunlight or daylight on cloudy days.

Advancement of Music Technology for 2019 Innovations

Music technology is an ever-changing and extremely technical field that is following by passionate music lovers worldwide. As the music industry changes and at-home artists and produced begin to dominate mainstream media and popularity through social media, technology, and accessibility for music fans worldwide to take part in their passions grow day by day. For this reason, the efforts in making music innovations easier and more accessible to use have increased. With this, one of the top innovations of 2019 is the Mi.Mu Glove. The Mi.Mu glove is the world’s most advanced wearable musical instrument for expressive creation, composition, and performance. Using the movement of your hands and body and control recognition, you can compose, control, and play different instruments and control music. Not only does this include traditional instruments, but also controlling vocal tunes that you sing live. The gloves come with software that allows you to connect your movements and gestures into a MIDI and help you create projects for your songs or performances. Made with sustainable and recyclable fabrics and packaging, the Mi.Mu glove is a great example of what made an amazing 2019 invention as it both help further and push innovation in music forward all while being environmentally conscious.

How 2019 Innovations was Influence by Plant-Based Meats

Rather than focusing on just one general product, a great innovation that really rose to popularity is plant-based meats and foods that dominated the health scene as a 2019 innovation. From burgers to mock-chicken, restaurants and popular fast-food chains are all investing in the “Beyond Meat” and plant-based protein trend in order to appeal to a growing new audience within the cuisine scene – vegetarians and vegans. The genius behind plant-based meats is that although having the same texture and similar taste to meat (especially in seasoned/cooked right), it is actually not meat! This opened up a lot of doors for restaurants and fast-food chains to recreate and reinvent their signature meat or protein-filled dishes to make them available to vegetarian and vegan audiences. Plant-based meat is composed of water, pea protein isolate, canola oil, coconut oil, rice protein, and other natural flavors. The new ability that restaurants and fast-food chains have with a new form of vegetarian and vegan safe protein not only opens up doors for new audiences to enjoy their favorite food but also allows the new creation of innovative foods and recipes that everyone can enjoy and is simultaneously sustainable for the environment, consolidating it as one of the top innovations of 2019.

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