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by | Jan 2, 2020 | Design, Innovation, Inventions, Product Design

As 2019 comes to an end, the majority of people are excited to not only start a new year to accomplish new goals, but also to start the beginning of a new decade! From reflecting on how much innovation, invention, technology, and design that the past decade has brought for us all, its crazy to think about how far we’ve come both as a society and a world! The advancement of technology and how we incorporate and use design is astonishing and has revolutionized not only the products that we use daily but also the way we habitually live our lives.

As Mako Design + Invent is a forward moving and innovation company that welcomes change and innovation gracefully into our company values, looking for ways to not only make the lives of society more efficient and exciting, we have a couple of big promises and expectations for where we’d love to see innovation and certain inventions advance and move forward our big and growing would into the new decade! Check out our most anticipated 2020 innovations that we can’t wait to see come to life in the coming new decade.

Self-Driving Cars as a 2020 Innovation

The automotive industry in the past decade has seen a huge shift in terms of design and technology. As global climate change becomes a rising and huge issue to environmentalists and society, innovators are looking for new ways to bring a more earth-conscious effort to our world in order to help preserve our natural resource. From this, we saw the birth and rise of electric cars.

Not only has the innovation of electric cars helped to change the economy, environment and automotive technology industry, but also the way we interact and expect certain functionalities from our vehicles. Automation is not something new to arrive within our past decade, but certainly seeing automation from our vehicles of which we are so used to manually driving has been an exciting, interesting and possible jolting innovation amongst general society.

The convenience of what electric cars has brought to our newest vehicle models has changed the way society wants to see and use their cars within the future. This is why at Mako Design we hope to see self-driving cars become a safe and realistic 2020 innovation that becomes apart of new cars entering into the new decade. Not only will the increase of electric cars with huge technological advancements such as self-driving help save the environment, and make the lives of others more convenient, but will also reveal to us a newfound technology in which the user can be hands-free and trust to be kept totally safe in the hands of technology.

If you’re a fan of the development of the automotive industry, check out our blog on our senior industrial designer, Magnus Skold, highlights from SEMA 2019!

How Smartphone Development Will Continue to Dominate as a 2020 Innovation

Hands down, one of the biggest innovations and pieces of technology that completely dominated the new year are smartphones. From the beginning of the new decade, we’ve seen the fall of traditional cellphones and the rise of the ultra-competitive market for the latest and greatest smartphone. Not only has the smartphone appeal to audiences through its convenient and compact design, but the number of functionalities that the smartphone was able to include and carry over the past decade has kept society excited and, on their toes, to await the next best thing in smartphone innovation.

While most smartphones have seen immense and great functions and features built into such small designs, technological innovators from some of the largest and most influential tech companies across the world are continuously looking for the next big innovation that will shake the perception of how a society use and interact with their already powerful smartphones. We have no doubt that smartphone technology and development will continue to lead as a 2020 innovation.

 From tablets to large screens, to crazy cameras, smartphones have seen an impressive amount of different developments across the past years, and phones becoming ultra-thin and compact as possible with the greatest number of high-quality functionalities are becoming the main desirable goal for consumers worldwide. As smartphones increase in price, consumers are concerned about the cost of their phones becoming too expensive for that their worth and want to make sure that the amount that they are investing in their phones will be worthwhile and last them a long time. With this, the idea of creating ultra-thin and flexible phone screens with OLEDs has pondered the minds of many genius inventors.

Although no successful prototype of a truly flexible and ultra-thin phone has yet to be created and sold on store shelves, we hope to see its fruition come to life as a 2020 innovation within the next decade. Not only will this push the boundaries of how small and compact a device can be with huge functionalities, but it will also provide designers and inventors all over the world a new way to invent and integrate thin and flexible tech into their products.

Accessibility to Universal Translation to Help 2020 Innovations

The world is an ever-growing place where cities all over the world are faster and faster becoming a melting pot of thousands of different cultures and ethnicities. With so much cultural integration and movement across the world, we hope that every day that the world can continue to become an accepting and open-armed place where people can appreciate and take part in learning all about the amazing cultures and people we have across each nation.

A huge part of learning about the world around us revolves around communication. Communication is the number one aspect that helps us connect and understand each other – but with language barriers being so hard to overcome, this past decade saw the rise of smart apps and technologies that help us translate and understand the foreign languages heard around us. Rather than taking traditional classes and studying long hours, from the small devices in our pockets, we are able to translate and understand virtually any language we could come across in our daily lives. However, the biggest challenge for innovators looking to help improve breaking down language barriers through technology is that since language is so complex, finding a technology that can understand dialects, slang, and cultural terms within multiple contexts can be difficult, especially when trying to load as much language information within one app!

A big development we’d love to see as a 2020 innovation within the new decade is the integration of universal translation within all mobile and hands-free devices. Not only can we translate the words from the world around us all at once, but we can also use these technologies to write out, read, and understand each other better as the world becomes more culturally intertwined. Additionally, for product developers and inventors and across the world, having easier accessibility to translate and communicate through foreign languages as 2020 innovation can help distribute and bring their inventions, businesses, and products worldwide!

Did you know that Mako Design + Invent is made a very diverse team that comes from across the world? Learn more about how much we appreciate cultural diversity in our blog here!

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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