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Mako Strategy Team on How to Market Your Product for Valentine’s Day

MAKO Design + Invent – February 3, 2020

With another popular holiday coming up around the corner, retail stores, and consumers are beginning to see a substantial amount of new seasonal items. For the month of February, consumers will be excited to the annual favorite Valentines day products! Whether you have a special someone in your life, Valentine’s day is a great time to let those around you know how much you love and appreciate them. Nonetheless, Valentine’s can be a fun (and super indulgently sweet) holiday to celebrate! If you are stumped about what to get a certain someone in your life a special gift for the holiday, here are Mako designs tops product pics for that will help inspire you how to mass market your best product designs for Valentines!

Bring Your Favourite Memories to Life

Valentine’s Day calls for showing how much you cherish someone special in your life. A great way to show how much someone means to you in your life is to show them how many memorable moments you’ve had together. The best product design to help mass market your product would thus be to create an invention that helps physically (and digitally) recreate your favorite moments with someone. The Canon Ivy Wireless Color Photo Printer is the perfect invention for this that carries a sleek, easy, and compact product design that makes it easy for anyone to simply carry, click, and print their favorite photos straight from their phone! If you’re headed out on a memorable and fun Valentines Date, there’s no need to wait to print out your photos or only ever have them in your phone, but bring along a portable phone printer enhances and creates special memories with your loved one while sharing and appreciating your quality time together. The best part about this product is not just the fact that it makes a great Valentine’s gift, but that it is easy to mass market because of how well it works in other scenarios and in daily life!

Best Product Design for a Nostalgic Feel

If you want to create a more nostalgic and romantic mood for your upcoming Valentine’s Plan, you’ll love this retro-themed product. One of the best product designs that anyone can create is one that not only elicits a great function that is helpful to the lives of others but also has a great and fun aesthetic that can enhance the mood of your environment. For this reason, we’ve included the Victrola Nostalgic Wood Jukebox as a top Valentines Gift to give your significant other. Bluetooth and wireless speakers have become an important necessity in almost everyone’s lives as of late, and giving a unique Bluetooth speaker is an innovative, useful and thoughtful gift. Creating a product design that not only stands out amongst other popular products, but also follows a certain theme that can appeal to a niche audience, and is equally as functional for daily life as it is for a special occasion is ideal in order to mass market your best product design.

Customize Your Valentines Gift!

If you have your own place, you probably understand how important it is to adorn your space with things that make you feel comfortable and happy. As your environment is huge factors that can change and influence your mood, it’s important to keep things around you as pleasant as possible Valentines day is a great opportunity to gift someone something that they can place in their homes that not only reminds them of you but makes them feel loved every time they happen to look or be around it. If you’re looking for a special way to decorate and leave something special for someone in their space to remember you by this Valentine’s, why not try out the Nanoleaf Canvas Kit!

A fun and interesting tech gift to place in anyone’s home, simply place these illuminating tiles on the wall in your significant others home and create a cute image to remind them how much you love them every time they see it. Not only is this a super cute and fun idea for a thoughtful Valentine’s gift but it works perfectly to mass market because of how easily customizable it is to place and decorate in anyone’s home. The changeable colors, and positions, and placement of tiles to create whatever your life one of the best product designs to appeal to audiences due to how much freedom they have in making it more personable to their own style and daily life.

Best Product Design for Digital Slideshows

As society advances, what was once normal and considered a staple in everyone’s lives soon becomes outdated. Photo albums have essentially become a thing of the past as photos become digitized and taken through DSLRs and phones, and shared online, rather than physically through picture books and frames. With how much we’ve become accustomed to the digital world, it became easy to forget how important it is to see and how our favorite memories around us physically. The NIX Digital Photo Frame is the best product design that gives audiences the same feeling they once lost with picture frames and is a great Valentine’s gift for someone important in your life. Users now have the option of being able to display any pictures of their choosing, in a digital photo album that continuously slideshows, giving you the option of seeing a whole gallery of photos rather than just one.

This gift is perfect for Valentine’s as you can customize a specific slideshow gallery of your favorite photos and moments with your someone special so that they always are reminded of you in their homes. The best product designs are not only those that are sentimental, but also customizable to the consumer, and using technology is a great way to allow consumers the option to make their products their own. The NIX photo frame is also easy to mass market as such due to the fact that it not only can be gifted for Valentines but also can be used for regular gifts or even just a piece to place in your home.

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