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MAKO’s Take on Alexa Integrated Products

MAKO Design + Invent – February 18, 2020

If you’ve taken a step back and observed the sphere of technology and product design, you’ll notice a lot of changes in the newest forms of technological innovations. It’s undeniable to say that technology plays a huge role in our day to day lives, and with a society increasingly moving at a faster pace, innovators and inventors are constantly challenged and learning new ways to make our fast-paced lives more convenient and efficient. The need to be able to do things as quickly as possible can be traced back to how much we love to find new ways to things easier and faster in order to make our lives more efficient and enjoyable, and one of the major ways that innovators have used product development services on their ideas is to introduce wireless and touchless technological products.

The constant need to always be linked to something has resulted in a stifled response from tech users and general society because it just isn’t as easy to get things done – therefore the need to be connected while not being physically connected presented itself an ambitious challenge for tech innovators worldwide. With wireless technology and artificial intelligence becoming more accessible and easier to integrate into our products, it’s not surprising that forms of virtual assistants such as Amazons ‘Alexa’ and Apple’s ‘Siri’, are popping up in a large number of different tech products. However, what is the place of virtual AI assistants in product design? How does this extra technological feature make room within product development services? Here is what Mako Design thinks about Alexa’s integrated products.

What is Alexa?

For those who are more unfamiliar with what Alexa is, Alexa is a virtual voice recognizable assistant that responds to spoken commands through your electronic devices. Simply call out a “wake word” and your electronic device are ready to perform any task of your choosing. One of the most interesting aspects of Alexa and other voice recognizable electronics is that as you interact more with these products, they begin to learn more and more. This not only means that your device will recognize patterns in how you interact with it, but that it performs more based on what it knows you will personally like. Alexa integrated devices all run through a continuously activated and turned on microphone and speaker, meaning you can always call out to your device and control its functions whether you are across the room from it or closer by. Additionally, connected through the cloud, Alexa electronics can all be linked and controlled together – for example, setting up alarms, locking your doors, turning lights on and off, scheduling your coffee pot to turn on in the morning, among other capabilities.

In product development services, we’ve noticed an increase and popularity of inventors looking to integrate such technology into their products. Alexa integrated products are not just limited to a few electronics but are finding their way in being accessible in as many possible products as they can support. Not only is Alexa available on our phones, but speakers, appliances, TVs, cars, and more. Being able to link all your products together makes an easier experience for the user as you can control everything you need in your home just by speaking your needs to your electronic devices. With new product ideas from inventors, being able to include Alexa or AI as an added feature within their electronic products has come up a lot of time as an area of interest within product development services, and for good reason.

The Benefits of Inquiring to Integrate AI Through Product Development Services

The reasons why integrating your electronic devices with Alexa means more to your product than just adding extra capabilities, but for what you bring to your product and audience. When creating a product, at Mako Design, we like to direct our product development services to focus on creating concept designs that look at the main function of your product. Being approached with electronic product design ideas is extremely exciting to us as many possible innovations exist through electronic products, thus we understand the power of being able to create something multi-functional and effective. Integrating an Alexa feature into your product not only ensures that you are creating a product that can do more than just what it is designed to do but also adds convenience and productivity to the needs of your audience.

When marketing your product, understanding what your audience needs is key in knowing what features and functions in which you need to include in order to successfully appeal to them amongst many other competitors within your market. The best way to approach your product development services is by coming prepared by understanding your market, audience, and what they are missing that would solve a lot of problems in their current situation. Having a product that has the extra capabilities of doing more than what it is meant to be through a simple integration will bring in more appeal to your product because of the amount of convenience and efficiency it can offer to your audiences.

Does Your Need AI?

At Mako Design + Invent we are pros are understanding what elements and features products need for it to successfully hit the market and attract audiences. Concept and product design are huge and vital parts of product design, and at Mako we’ve stuck very strongly in our belief that in order to have a well-made and high-quality product, your product design should be as simple. Under our ‘MVP’ method, we always stress the importance of focusing on your products main function that will distinguish it from other products on the market. Prioritizing the details and extra functions of your product will only deter you from the point of your product and make the process of creating and invention a product more complex for yourself and the design team.

That being said, deciding on whether you’d like your product to feature a digital AI assistant goes more hand in hand with what you are creating or trying to achieve for your product plans. If you plan on creating an electronic product that would benefit from having an Alexa-like feature and connecting to other devices wirelessly, then projecting this idea after the first round of prototypes is a good idea to see how well the function will work with the main point of your product. In this case, it is more about whether your product functions better with than without an AI assistant. If you find that your product will benefit more by including AI by better suiting the needs of your audience and helping your products stand out more in the market, then prioritizing it as one of your products main function and focusing on creating a multi-functional product is ideal for when you are ready to look for product development services and build your product.

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

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