The Art of Light in Design and CAD

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Design is important for a large number of reasons. Not only are aesthetics important, but practicality and functionality are at the forefront of what makes design a vital part of creating or inventing a product. Some of the most important fields for design include interior design, which plays an integral part in how people spend their day to day lives surrounded by their furniture and fixtures. In this case, the design is important because it surrounds what you see around you every day. The way that you interact with products that you use daily can either make or break how effective and productive your day can be, and in interior design, this is no different.

One of the most prolific and iconic fields in interior design is lighting, which is important for everyone’s living situation. One of the best things about design is that given that lighting technically serves only one purpose – to illuminate a space – innovators, inventors, and interior design enthusiast have found different and fun ways to redesign lighting and give it more novelty and high-design features for an enhanced illuminating experience that will stand out in anyone’s interior (or exterior space).

There are three types of lighting that exist within the interior design world: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting refers to lighting that is designed to illuminate and brighten up larger and general areas. Task lighting is lighting specifically made to help bring light when performing certain tasks (such as cooking, drawing, office work, etc.,). Finally, accent lighting is lighting focused more on giving special design and aesthetics to your interior space! Below are some of Mako Designs’ favorite examples of our top lighting product designs!

Ambient Lighting Product Design

When one thinks of ambient lighting, usually you would imagine that the design of an ambient lighting product design would be more simple, plain, and focused more on functionality than aesthetic design, but that’s not always the case! Seeing as how lighting plays an integral part in interior design and serves an important part in our lives, ambient lighting product designs are actually given just as much thought on their design since they serve such a huge function! This ambient lighting product design is the perfect example. The 2 Moons lighting series takes inspiration from the moon! With large circumferences, these lighting fixtures pay tribute to the unseen faces of the moon that we don’t see in the night sky. There are multiple flat shades that are adjustable and can be moved either up or down to create different configurations and allow you to customize exactly where you’d like your space to be illuminated. With how large and round the lighting fixtures are, you’re bound to get a lot of lighting all around.

Task Lighting Product Design

Task lighting carries a specific purpose and function that differentiates it from other forms of lighting. Where other forms of lighting focus on ambiance or accents, task lighting should be designed with its function first in mind before any designs or aesthetics. Some of our top and favorite aspects that make an ideal lighting product design for task lighting include a simple design that is structured to focus light on a certain point that will help the user with whatever task they are performing. Most task lights come in the form of table lamps with adjustable aspects to help the user move the light to their liking and convenience. Since there is more a focus on function than design, minimalistic designs such as the ‘Aro Lamp’ is what an industrial design company like Mako Design would consider top-notch design for lighting product design. This design allows not only for the head of the light to move up and down and rotate but also can be transferred between floor and table lamps. The lamp is also controlled with touch-sensitive tech where the user can adjust the intensity of the light with a simple touch or slide of their fingers.

Accent Lighting Product Design

Finally, one of the last type, and most popular for design, is accent lighting. Accent lighting is where designers and innovators have a free and open canvas where they manipulate and use lighting product design in combination with their creativity to create an interesting and amazing installation or interior pieces that not only double as an interesting source of light but accent interior pieces for the home. As an industrial design company, we love to see some of the newest and most interesting innovations and inventions created with light and design and observe their place within interiors. Not only does accent lighting stand out as art pieces, but the process of manipulating electrical and industrial design to make a light structure takes a lot of creativity and innovation that we love to see come to life.

Neon lighting is a popular choice for a lot of accent lighting product designs mainly due to how easy it is to manipulate neon lighting into creating interesting and complex designs, which is why they are mainly used for signboards and advertising. However, the MON lamps are an example of how neon lighting can be manipulated to be made into a creative lighting product design perfect for the indoors. You can add a sense of style and creativity to what was your once regular interior and not only illuminate but accessories certain areas of your home. Not only that, but the neon color lighting and silhouettes from these special designs also accentuate the design and style of the lamps.

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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