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Reinventing the Traditional Record Player: Modern Product Design and Turntables

MAKO Design + Invent – February 24, 2020

Mako Design knows a lot about seeing recurring products and trends becoming popular again! Even older forms of certain products and technologies can make their way to become profitable once more to modern society through the appeal of novelty and uniqueness. One popular form of technology that has found its way back to mainstream consumer markets is the turntable. What was once seen as an outdated form of music listening have returned, and record stores have soared back into being profitable businesses. With products that become popular once more, inventors are always looking for new ways to reinvent and redesign older products so that they suit the needs of modern society in terms of convenience, efficiency, and aesthetic design. Since the renaissance of record players, we’ve seen them reinvented in modern product designs – here are Mako Designs’ favorite vinyl and record players to come out!

A Modern Product Design Inspired by Saturn

Inspired by the rings and moon the planet Saturn, SATURN is a modern fun looking vinyl player with a unique design that is sure to stand out amongst other regular turntables. The design sports a contrasting base to turntable color as the black turntable platform was chosen to give you the feeling of Saturn’s rings. On top of the base, you’ll notice a white spherical speaker, replicated what the Saturn would like from the top. The added feature of having a built-in speaker at the top is also helpful since it saves the need of having to buy external speakers. The tonearm features a small sphere made to resemble Saturn’s moon, Titan, which adds a fun and cute design detail to the turntable.

How Translucency is Used for Modern Product Design

Giving a high-tech look to your traditional record players, the O-Ton is a vertical, wireless, and translucent turntable. One of the most interesting and unique aspects about this turntable that helps it stand out from other turntable is that it sports a completely see-through design, allowing you to see all its inner workings and your vinyl’s cover art. Unlike most traditional turntables, this turntable features a lot of digitally advanced functions such as being able to important digitally enhance your records, and having an integrated optical sensor linked to a digital stylus. The stylus is used to help you identify your vinyl, turn on the device once it recognizes a vinyl inside, and jump individual tracks.  You can pair your device to the turntable, insert a vinyl, connect to a speaker and enjoy your music as you like.

Combining the Old with New for a Twist on Modern Product Design

Before the turntable was the classic design, the gramophone! The gramophone is a greatly underappreciated design when it comes to modern-day turntables as music fans prefer to have external speakers unattached to their turntable. The Kozmophone is a modern twist to a classic design, featuring modern upgrades to enhance the users listening experience. While you play your favorite vinyl records, worry less about having a whole set up needed as the Kozmophone will play your vinyl immediately with no external speakers needed, saving you money and home space. The top of the Kozmophone includes a smartphone wireless charging station allowing you to leave a place for your phone to charge as you go about your day around the house. Design-wise, this unique turntable features a cleaning kit compartment, 360 speaker rotation, an internal ambient light, and hologram display! The removable speaker can be taken off the turntable and used to connect with your phone via Bluetooth to be used as a wireless speaker, keeping your music playing all day, no matter where you are.

The Three Characteristics of Modern Product Designs: Connectivity, Portable, and Lightweight

One of the major drawbacks of owning a turntable is that it is mainly used as a novelty item in most people’s households. With technological advancement focused on making everything around us wireless and portable, it’s hard to settle on choosing a product that is stuck in your home and not easily able to take with you to different places throughout your day. LOVE is a special turntable that changes the concept of traditional turntables. LOVE features a lightweight design that enables the possibility of having one of the most portable turntables to exist. Weighing on 450g, with a record base of 225g, you can easily transport and bring this turntable with you anywhere to play your well-spent records. Along with its ultra-modern and light design, LOVE features a number of great features that make this an exceptional record player. Not only can this record player play any record size, but it includes wireless connectivity, has a long-lasting battery, and is smartphone-controlled. Through LOVE’s smartphone app, you can play, stop, select, skip, repeat, adjust speed and volume. You can easily connect your headphones or speakers to the device and play your music on external devices easily.

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