How Innovations in Robotics are Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry

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As technology is our every day begins to grow and become more advanced, innovators are looking for more ways to integrate more efficient and technological innovations into the different fields and industries around us. The purpose of innovating popular fields and industries mainly has to do with improving the efficiency and convenience of services worldwide. Because of this, we’ve heard more and more about cases in which robots and the use of robotics have been popularly integrated within our day to day services. Outside of the manufacturing industry, the customer service sector and food industry have been most impacted by these new revolutionary innovations as robot to human interactions are becoming more preferred in terms of efficiency. Thus, robotics has found itself revolutionizing the restaurant industry after being developed in preparing foods in a manner than is more efficient and faster – especially in a growing society where meals need to prepared faster for an on-the-go lifestyle.

About Dexai’s Revolutionary Innovation in Robotics

Despite on-the-go meals being popular, restaurants and fine-dining are still a popular choice when people consider having dinner or meeting up with friends. However, with so little time in a day, quick dining experiences in restaurants has become a noticeable upgrade that a lot of restaurants are looking to implement in order to suit their quick audiences. Dexai Robotics has raised over 5 million dollars in working on a robotic arm sous chef to help prep food and assistants working in busy kitchens across restaurants around the world. Dexai claims that their revolutionary innovation in robotic sous chefs can work with restaurants already existing set up, can use utensils and lead recipes in order to do things such as assemble sandwiches, salads, and scoop ice cream.

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Revolutionary Innovation in Restaurants

The revolutionary innovations taking place in restaurants and the food industry has been certainly important and impactful as it not only help solve a number of issues currently occurring within the food industry itself but also provides a general upgrade to the way that food consumers and outdoor dining fans enjoy their experiences. Worker turnover rates in the restaurant industry have peaked at around 150 percent because the integration of robots and robotics to help keep restaurants running is a great solution to labor shortages that restaurants are facing. Robots can work 24/7 without the need for breaks and have no problem performing repetitive and tedious tasks in efficient manners. This not only makes meal preparation faster in kitchens but also allows for the rest of the restaurant and workers to focus more on customer service.

Future of the Restaurant Industry

For the future of robotics in restaurants, along with tableside ordering, food apps, and non-human interaction in order for consumers to comfortable order their food, Dexai says that the future of their efforts in the revolutionary innovation of robotics will go towards expanding its engineering,  sales, and product teams in order to create new robots that can serve different types of cuisine and scale up in performance.

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Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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