The Genius Behind Pocket-Sized Inventions

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In some of our past blogs, Mako Design has mentioned that a popular way to create a well-liked or top invention design is to make it portable and simple to use. One way to make a portable product is to prioritize the function and make it work hand in hand with a design that is easy and simple to use. A cool way to make a portable invention is not just making it able to carry along with you in a bag, but easy to carry in your pocket! Not only is a pocket-sized invention great for those who don’t want to carry a clunky bag with them but it is great for those who are on the go and may need some items on them for emergency runs or errands outside. A pocket-sized product is a perfect idea for a top invention design that people all over the world would find useful since it’s so easy to keep on them – and is always most likely needed to be kept on hand. Below are some of Mako Designs’ favorite examples of some genius pocket-sized inventions that are sure to be useful in your day to day life!

Top Invention Design for Sustainability

Over the past year, the obsession over plastic straws has risen as more and more people are making the conscious effort to up their environmental efforts. Reducing the use of plastics and eliminating plastic waste has become a huge and impactful way to help the environment and encourage others to “go green.” Despite the popularity of reducing the consumption, use, and production of plastic straws, a lot of people are still seeing a problem in plastic consumption and waste since cutlery and utensils are still being used. In order to combat this, Outlery has created a pocket-sized, reusable, stainless steel cutlery and chopsticks kit! For situations where you are on the go or with friends and unsure if you’re about to order in or eat out, reducing the need to pick up some plastic forks, spoons, or even wooden chopsticks, this reusable set can easily fit into your bag or pocket to keep with you no matter where. With this top invention design, not only do you get to help save the environment by reducing plastic waste, but you also have the luxury of using your own cutlery, free from bacteria or contamination that could spread from public spaces.

A Top Invention Design for Backpacks

It’s not rare for people to go about their days and not know where their day might take them! If you are especially involved in sports or live an extremely active lifestyle in the outdoors, you need to be prepared no matter what! Sometimes those who want to travel as light as possible hate the idea of needing to carry a bag with them, especially when they only ever want to carry the essentials, but on a trip, you never know when you might need a bag on hand! Designed to be the same size as a stress ball, the Droplet XL bag is a small, pocket-sized, portable waterproof bag that can attach onto the belt loops of your pants and accompany you where you go! This top invention design makes it so that no matter where your headed or whatever trip you’re on if you ever run into the situation where you’ll need a bag to carry things back or to another location, this pocket-sized bag is the perfect invention.

Digital Devices into Top Invention Designs

In a world where we live by sharing our favorite moments, media, news, and photos through digital devices, the ability to share things all at once has become a huge necessity in our social interactions. As wireless sharing and Bluetooth begin to integrate within all our devices, finding new ways to share and spend time with our friends and families through the technological era has given inventors and innovators new areas to explore within product design and technological innovation. Thus, this top invention design takes the inventions that we know work well and makes them more accessible, smaller, and convenient to use. The Swivel Projector is a clear example of this. This projector is a truly pocket-sized device that can fit within the product of your hand, all you need to do is connect it to your other hand-held device and see your media projected on a wall for all others around you to see. In this way, you are now able to carry a whole theatre system in your hands and easily share your favorite content without the need for a laptop, cables, and speaker system.

A Pocket Blanket On-the-Go!

As the seasons start to shift and the weather gets warmer, more people are spending their days in the outdoors! Picnics, parks, beaches, and festivals are among the many activities that become a popular hobby and daily activity for people around the world – and with most people, out enjoying the great weather, comes for a list of necessities that everyone should carry on them, one of those being a blanket! Whether you plan on using it to sit on or cover-up, having a portable, pocket-sized blanket is more useful than you think! The Matador is a blanket that you can carry with you in your pocket and expands to almost fifteen times its size! The blanket is designed to be lightweight and comes with tent stake loops in order to keep it grounded on a windy day, the blanket is also waterproof, making it great for the outdoors and a perfect example of a top invention design! Not only is the blanket great for trips out, but perfect for traveling on planes and long car rides.

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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