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The Benetti Watch and More of Mako’s Favorite Watch Designs

 A popular accessory that is subject to a lot of great designs has been the traditional favorite, wristwatch! No matter how much technology advances and allows us to know and see the time no matter where we are, having a high quality and stand out watch has always been an age-old staple in everyone’s closet that acts as both a convenience and accessory. With how much technology pushes the advancement of watches, we’ve seen the popularization of digital watches and the extensive details of designs put into luxury watches from designers worldwide, making the wristwatch both a form of advanced wearable technology and luxury piece! As Mako Design is both a fan of high-quality design, aesthetics and progressive technology, here are some of our most favorite wearable product designs for watches.

A 2-in-1 Wearable Product Design

Being able to redesign a product to give a more high-quality design with super-refined aesthetics is a great way to build and create an appealing product for audiences, but even more so when you can transform the product through multi-functional means! The VOIXATCH is a version of the new and popular smartwatch, that is capable of doing everything your smartphone does, on the convenience of your wrist. One of the biggest standpoint features of VOIXATCH is its ability to detach into a separate piece and hook onto your ear for a wireless microphone and headphone that allows you to make calls and listen to music. Not only is the wearable product design for VOIXATCH a smartwatch, but a phone, and wireless headphone all in one! The VOIXATCH comes with every piece of a vital spec that most people would want within their phones such as LTE, GPS, google assistant, a heartbeat sensor, lasting battery life, and Bluetooth connectivity!

A Mako Design Wearable Product Design, The Benetti Watch

Designed by our world-class team at Mako Design, the Benetti Watch was crafted and created from the finest materials that place itself above its competition. Starting as a Kickstarter, the Benetti watch features an amazingly intricated and luxurious design, the watch provides an impeccable aesthetic that is perfect for those that fans of a classic, yet eye-catching watch, that is sure to stand as a conversation piece in any room. The concept of the watch was developed through one of Mako Designs’ clients, Joshua Bennett, and was refined through the development and mechanical engineering. The product advanced further after Mako Design provided prototyping, and assisted with 3D CAD renderings, hand sketches, concept designs, digital sketching, product planning, and package design all through to its production. The fashion-forward wearable product design and watch are aesthetically partnered with timeless mechanics and modern design is an elegant and stylish timepiece at an affordable price and has won design awards!

Learn more about the Benetti watch and see its win in GOLD for the Indigo Design Awards, here!

A Flexible Wearable Product Design

If you’ve been keeping up with recent news on the development of smartphones, you are sure to have to heard about the possibility and demand for smartphones with bendable screens. It seems as if a popular form of progressive technology that people would like to see integrated into their devices and wearable product designs is the ability to have tech pieces that can still function and fold in order to create more durable and high-quality products. Since the wristwatch always follows the shape of having to be wrapped around your wrist, it’s no surprise that inventors have been working on a smartwatch with a bendable screen. The Alpha is an innovative approach to the smartwatch as it features a flexible OLED screen that follows the curvature of your wrists, rather than having a square screen on a band. Not only does the watch includes made features that are found within your smartphone, but it also has a front-facing camera, making this literally an all one phone, camera, and watch that fits conveniently on your wrists!

A Wearable Product Design that Incorporates Colour

If you prefer keeping your clock meant just for checking the time only, but are still looking for an aesthetically cool design, why not try time telling based on colours! Made for those who have an artistic eye, the Ultratime watch is a watch that uses colours to help the wearer tell the time of day! Rather than displaying the full clock, the aesthetic wearable product design behind this clock aims at covering half of the clock to help display an interesting colour palette that shifts throughout the day, indicating the time through colour without the need of numbers at all. Not only do the colours change as time passes, but the hues add an extra element to the design to help you indicate the exact time of day, replicating the human’s instinct to understand time through our internal clock.

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