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How 3D Printing is Revolutionizing our World

MAKO Design + Invent – April 15, 2020

Within the past decade, we’ve seen the popularization and development of 3D printing become incorporated in many different parts of the design and technology world. As society advances and more industrial design studios and tech resources become more accessible and readily available for all to use from industrial design studios, the opportunity for people to begin using 3D printers has spiked at an all-time high as people even consider buying 3D printers for home-usage. With so many people using 3D printers, the development and integration of their uses have become a great gateway to finding newer ways we can further revolutionize our current world by introducing more aspects of design and tech into our day to day lives. Thus, below are some of the ways that 3D printing and printers and helped us revolutionize our world.

3D Printing Used a Learning Tool

Becoming a designer or engineer is never an easy feat and can take years of experience to master. Building, testing and practicing all take a lot of time, effort, and expense in order to see how your progress builds and whether your designs are both functional, and visually appealing. A great aspect of 3D printers is that it’s a great learning tool for novice designers and engineers to test out and practice their design skills. As the world becomes more fast-paced, it’s important that people are learning the skills they need to get ahead and practice as much as possible. From visiting an industrial design studio, designers can see and learn how 3D printing is an easy, cost-efficient, accessible and sustainable measure and tool that anyone can use to see how their designs turn out, test the complexity and material of their designs and see how their digital to physical cad designs can be improved. Another amazing thing about 3D printing is that because it allows for more complexity and design freedom, designers and engineers can push the boundaries of what can be made through 3D cad and cad designs and see the ultimate potential that lies within the progression of design through 3D printing.

3D Printing for Hospitals and Communities

3D printing has to open a world of opportunities for those looking for easier ways to make cool things. From printing parts, items, and even food, 3D printing is a new resource where people can reach out and help others and themselves by creating physical things they need at a lower cost. Because of how useful 3D printing has become, it’s become common to see 3D printers available in most institutions rather than in industrial design studios for which they were originally known to be found. Because 3D printing is so cost-efficient, it makes it able to build and create special parts that can help out schools, hospitals, and other communities through printing the vital things they need. When a crisis or emergency emerges, it’s important to use our newest technological innovations as much as possible to see how we can help out and progressively change the world around us for the better, and one way that 3D printing has done so is to print out important parts and things that the essential communities around us need in important times.

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3D Printing Encourages Interest within the Design and Tech Field

The realm of designing and engineering is a huge and difficult field, and to those who might still be young and new to the field, it can seem quite daunting to jump headfirst in. One of the greatest aspects of the popularization of 3D printing in our modern-day world is how easily approachable it is to learn about and get involved with. Industrial design studios, libraries, and schools around the world have invested in 3D printers because of their appeal in getting younger audiences more interested in the fact that they can virtually create any item they want through 3D printing technology! Not only does this help immerse audiences who were not originally interested in design, technology, and engineering into getting to know more about the topics, but creates a community of others willing to help learn and teach more about how to combine these trades in order to make something! It can be said that 3D printing and printers have been a great gateway to helping audiences learn more about the powers of technology and just how easy it is to learn more about design and engineering in order to make and create great things!

Our senior industrial designer, Magnus Skold, teaching a 5th grade class on 3D printing technology!

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