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The Best Traits to Develop to be a Successful Entrepreneur

MAKO Design + Invent – April 22, 2020

Building traits takes a lot of time and reflection as one figures out what and what does not work to help them improve their skills and increase productivity. Entering the world of entrepreneurship is no different as novice entrepreneurs struggle with improving the overall skills that come along and are needed in order to be a successful entrepreneur. At Mako Design, we’ve worked with countless inventors, small business owners, and successful entrepreneurs and picked up some of the most commons themes and traits that come along with being a successful entrepreneur. Not only that but our own CEO, Kevin Mako, is a successful entrepreneur himself who started up Mako Design himself to the amazing product design development firm that it is today! Keep reading to learn more about what are the best traits to develop in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

Networking as a Vital Trait for Entrepreneurship

A huge aspect of every entrepreneurs’ career will have to deal with interacting with people and establishing connections. Not only does making great connections help your business out by having a handy list of people who can help you through a number of different resources that your business might need, but puts your name and reputation out into the community of your target market. Your reputation as an entrepreneur is vital to making great connections and keep them active and healthy, which is why networking is one of the most important traits that every aspiring entrepreneur should develop in order to be successful. In product design entrepreneurship, establishing great connections in networking does not only mean making connections with only entrepreneurs but having healthy relationships with your clients, designers, manufacturers, and the design community in general! Networking can open a lot of doors in helping your business grow and expand, therefore it is key you learn how to develop the right social skills to successfully network.

How Flexibility is Vital for a Successful Product Design Entrepreneurship

The world of product design entrepreneurship is always changing, progressing and growing, therefore it’s important to recognize and know that establishing and sticking to routines and the old way of doing things may not always work. Being an entrepreneur involves knowing that new strategies and tactics should be constantly implemented throughout your career in order to evolve and innovate. Thus, practicing flexibility in your life Is key to being able to roll with the punches in being an entrepreneur and not only accepting the challenges you may encounter as an entrepreneur but embracing them to use at your advantage and keep moving forward with your business. Flexibility is a helpful trait to develop as an entrepreneur because it teaches you to be more comfortable in taking risks ( a common situation that a lot of entrepreneurs need to face at least once in their careers), and being more open-minded to different opportunities when presented to them.

Using Creativity During Your Product Design Entrepreneurship Journey

Like with almost all fields, creativity is a huge standpoint in helping anyone excel and stand apart from their competition. In the world of product design entrepreneurship, creativity will always be required to not only be able to withstand and embrace product design culture but to also have the right skills to use the way that the marker innovatively changes to your advantage. Having a creative mindset is a great way to understand and know how to use your resources (whether that may be your niche, networks, team or skills) and put them out there and use them to push forward your business to the next level. Being an entrepreneur comes with the responsibility of always needing to be on top of trends and the latest news within your field, so using your creativity to keep you constantly pushing forward and staying relevant is vital to keeping your entrepreneurship energetic, alive, and interesting.

Reflection as a Tool for Better Future Decisions

Finally, one of the most important product design entrepreneurship traits that any aspiring entrepreneur should develop and practice, is being able to reflect. Becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight and takes a lot of time, resilience, risks, and patience, thus throughout your career it’s important to look back on your past decisions and instead of seeing them as failures, take them as lessons for you to apply to your future plans to help grow and make better decisions, especially within the realm of product design entrepreneurship. Reflecting on your past decisions not only helps you grow more appreciation for how far you’ve come but puts your past experiences in an important place for you to have reputable reasons to help guide you make the best future decisions and choices.

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