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3D Printed Innovations: Personalized Vitamins

MAKO Design + Invent – June 1, 2020

Nourished – 3D Printing Services that Personalize Vitamins

At Mako Design, we love to keep in touch with the newest innovations from around the world to see how the world is continuing to progress and change. One innovation that we have been fans of for many years is the use of 3D printing services to make parts, tools, supplies, and even food! We think that 3D printing has had a huge positive and impact on the way our society innovates and uses design and technology to improve the world around them.

One of the greatest aspects of 3D printing technology is that it can be incorporated and used in many different fields and sectors. In recent innovation news, a 3D printing services company named Nourished is looking for more innovative ways to progress and change the vitamin world. Vitamins and supplements have become an increasingly more popular market as the whole world begins to place more attention and focus on their personal health. With the supplement and vitamin market booming, innovation is the best step forward to enter into the market and learn how audiences’ experiences can improve. The company Nourished is aiming to simplify the process of taking vitamins after observing that a lot of people have trouble reminding themselves to take the right supplements they need at the right time.

3D Printing Services

The innovative company has created a way for users to take an online quiz about their health and they formulate a unique vitamin for their individual needs. What makes this company stand out amongst other vitamin and supplemental health companies is its innovative use of 3D printing services. Nourished take the user’s needs, 3D prints your individual vitamin pill, and send it to in little packets, all personalized! A key takeaway from how Nourished works as a successful and innovative company is how they combine both personalization and 3D printing services into a popular market and look to change and improve the user and audience experience of that market.

Not only is the company taking a step further to a more technological and innovative way of changing the way the vitamin market and industry works but is also making it more eco friendly by using plant-based nutrients, and plastic-free, sustainable packaging. Their efforts as a new innovative company not only show how innovation through 3D printing services can help positively and effectively progress different markets and fields but also exemplify the great ways that technology can help keep our world more sustainable and efficient.

3D Printing Services

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