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The Newest Innovations in Home Gardening

MAKO Design + Invent – June 8, 2020

A huge trend that our California product design studio noticed that has soared in popularity is home improvement. As more people are taking more time to care for their space, they are finding new ways to make their homes more relaxing to live in. While both relaxing and productive, home gardening has become a popular activity to help elevate homes and keep people invested in growing and taking care of their plants. In light of this new and popular trend and home activity, we’ve listed our newest and most favorite innovative in home gardening that makes it easier to take care of a budding new plant, whilst still improving the atmosphere of your home through great aesthetic design.

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An Aesthetic Vase Product Design with Easy Clean Up

Our California product design studio knows that using product design is a great way to elevate the aesthetic of your home through pieces and designs that not only help your new hobby but also the look of your home. As flowers are already popular pieces for decoration, the Petal Plate is a combination of an artsy and conceptual vase that would look good in any home, and also keeps the petals of your flowers from falling all around your vase. An issue that a lot of flower keepers have is that although flowers make great decorative pieces, the home can easily become messy when soon-to-be withering flower petals fall off and create a mess around the house. The Petal Vase is designed to home your flowers, utilize its transparent cover to show how much water is has left and its plate to watch petals before falling on the ground. Once an accumulation of petals has been collected, the owner can easily remove the plate and slide off all the petals into the garbage at once.

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Self-Watering Gardening Product Design Fit for Any Home

If you want to enter into the world of gardening without committing to all the needed supplies and space that it can take up in your place, the Pico Planter is a cute and small invention that works best for your needs. The Pico Planter is a small, self-contained, and self-watering planter that comes with its own lighting unit. Our California product design studio loves how the planter is made to be easily portable as it can be placed anywhere around your home as you, please. The back comes with different options that make it easy to hand or attach to different areas of your house and its lighting unit comes with a telescopic attachment that you can expand to keep your plant growing upwards. With its convenient design, the owner only needs to recharge and supply the plant with water once a week, make it the ultimate introductory and easy planter perfect for novice gardeners looking to enhance their space.

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Modular Planters for Easy at-Home Gardening

One of the best benefits of home gardening is how much easier it is to maintain. Without the worry of constantly checking on weather conditions and making sure harmful insects done evade your plants, home gardening product designs are designed to make gardening a breeze for the novice caretaker. The MOJU planter is a set of modular plug-in planters for indoor plants that our California product design studio recommends for easy home-gardening. The product comes in two pieces, the base holds water for your plant, while the upper part holds the soil and plant itself. The base of the planter allows for the plant to self water as the soil draws moisture from the base underneath where the water is located – meaning the planter requires minimal care! The changeable modular upper allows for you to choose from different top pieces in order to choose one that best suits your plants the best.

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A Multifunctional Gardening Product Design

We’re big fans of multifunctional product designs at our California product design studio, Mako Design. Fluidity is a multifunctional product design that works both as a dish rack and planter. Perfect for those who still want an easy home-gardening experience, Fluidity is perfect for saving space in tight living conditions and uses a smart method to keep its plants alive. The design works in that the water that trickles down your newly washed dishes goes straight to the plant containers that are filled with clay pelleted and coconut fibers to control the water environments for the plants and to keep the drainer free from water residue. This product is a great way to tackle both tasks at once, cleaning dishes to ultimately water your plants!

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