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Innovative Products for Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

MAKO Design + Invent – August 24, 2020

A Compact Water Dispensary for a Cup of Tea at Any Time!

If you’ve ever found yourself in the need of getting a quick fix of water, the IMEY M2 Dispenser designed by Xiaomi might just be what you need. Featuring a compact, clean, and minimalist design, our Bay Area product design agency loves the idea of the JMEY M2 Dispenser. The JMEY M2 Dispenser is the perfect example of a handy product perfect for the home or office that’ll help you make the perfect cup of tea immediately. The product is convenient and functional and includes suction-cups on its base to keep the device stable and connected to any surface its placed on. You can connect a connect it to a water bottle or any water reservoir to transform it into a water-dispenser and control its dispensary from pressing down on a capacitive touch panel located on the top. Use its hearing feature to set your water at a higher temperature and enjoy a convenient and quick cup of tea right when you need it.

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Get an Instant Cup of Matcha Effortlessly

If you’re a huge tea lover, just as we are at our Bay Area product design agency, it should be no surprise that matcha tea has become a huge and trendy flavor. However, making the perfect matcha tea is not a simple task and comes with a certain technique that requires the right equipment. If you’re looking for a faster and more efficient way to make a great cup of matcha tea, the Cuzen Matcha is perfect for you. This product features a vertical chamber that includes a ceramic mill that grinds leaves mimicking the effect of stone grinding mill. Matcha powder is collected into an aluminum container and then dispensed into a cup of water with a magnetic whisk that whisks the powder into water in order to serve you’re a freshly brewed cup of matcha tea.

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An Easy Tea-Brewing Cup our Bay Area Product Design Agency Believes is Perfect for the Office

Cupio is an innovative mug design that is perfect for tea lovers that stick to the traditional method of using tea bags. The teacup is designers to allow you to brew your cup of tea right inside the cup and then pull the teabag into a small opening that made to squeeze out as much tea as possible into the cup. One part of the design features a ceramic mug, and the other is a bamboo handle made to resist any heat.  Our Bay Area product design agency thinks the Cupio is not only a great option for an in-home mug but also perfect for the office! The product is a simple and efficient way to make a great cup of tea and get the most out of tea bags as much as possible in order to help you make a great-tasting and strong tea to last you for your mornings. Not only can you make the most out of your tea, but the Cupio holds the tea bag for you so it doesn’t slip out of the cup while drinking your tea and holds onto the bag so you can easily dispose of it later with the least amount of mess as possible.

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An Innovative Bubble Tea Straw Our Bay Area Product Design Agency Thinks is Genius

Instead of the traditional hot teas that we all know and love, there is bubble tea! Bubble tea has skyrocketed in popularity lately, and new innovations are coming up in order to help us enjoy our drink the best way possible. Plastic straws presented a huge problem for the eco-system and as a large part of harmful waste contributed from restaurants and cafes around the world – however, even though plastic straws were popularly replaced with other alternatives, the bubble tea straw has yet to see a more innovative and green-friendly solution until our Bay Area product design agency found Green One. Green One has taken the initiative to create an innovative straw, named the G.O Straw, that is made of a sustainable, lightweight, material that still makes it easy to drink bubble tea along with the tapioca efficiently as possible. You can also easily open up the straw to clean the insides or pop it into a dishwasher. The straw is reusable, recycle, features a roll-able design, and comes into many colors to fit your bubble tea aesthetic.

If you’re an avid coffee drinker the product design evolution of the coffee machine!

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