Our Bay Area Product Design Studio's Thoughts on the Latest from LG

Mako Design’s Thoughts on the Latest Innovations from LG

MAKO Design + Invent – September 24, 2020

At our Bay Area product design studio Mako Design, we love to stay on top of the latest innovations being developed from all over the world. Not only does this keep up motivated and inspired, but helps us learn and observe more about what is currently trending in design and what consumers want to see more out of their daily products. There is a lot of innovation happening out there and in the world today, and for this blog, we decided to look at the latest innovations with the notorious tech giant LG!

What Our Bay Area Product Design Studio Thinks About the Latest Innovations from LG

LG is known for making and developing some of the most impressive and innovative tech products – especially TV screens, computers, and smartphones! When LG revealed some of their latest designs for TV screen models our Bay Area product design studio couldn’t help but be amazed. In LG’s recent reveal, the tech company showed off the latest LGD OLED model that features a bunch of super innovative and technological features.

Not only are the screens completely transparent but raise up from their base to help save space around the house. The transparent screen is extremely minimalistic and gives a less bulky feel, the fact that the screen is transparent makes it perfect to catch anything on the display from any angle, even from its other side! If you prefer to have a solid background, an additional screen can also be raised up behind the main screen for easier viewing.

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Our Bay Area product design studio loved how the new LGD OLED screens are completely innovative, not only through their minimalistic and super thin design but also in how they work within their placement inside a home. The screens can move around your home and even be rotated at different angles to view content both horizontally or connected from your vertical smartphone screen! Not only can it be placed anywhere and slide open and closed for your viewing, but by connecting it to smart home apps, the screens can be used for more than just watching TV!

Through Wi-Fi connectivity, placing the screens around the house create a more digitally interactive experience. The screens can project smart kitchen controls, allow you to view security footage from around and outside the house, let you view the weather, music, and your schedule, take and answer video calls, and even virtually allows you to try on clothes from your closet for a virtual fitting!

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Our Bay Area product design studio believes that the appeal of these innovations not only lies in their super technologically advanced material makeup that makes up the clean, sleek, thin, and minimalistic design of the TV screens themselves but also through how much capability and functions the product allows. With these screens not only do you still have a traditional method of viewing your favorite forms of media, but you also have better control over your home and can efficiently multi-task and get more done throughout your home with ease!

Check out more of the new screens innovation from LG in the video above!

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