Innovation for Accessibility: The DOT Watch

Innovation for Accessibility: The DOT Watch

MAKO Design + Invent – September 28, 2020

Our Florida product design consultant loves to learn and keep updated on the latest innovations and new design trends from around the world. Not only does Mako Design like to stay updated on design as a form of inspiration, but learning about the latest products that are helping society is important for us to keep well-informed with the market, and with what society and consumers are looking for in a design. Accessibility has been a popular design trend as of late as more designers and innovators across the world are looking for innovative ways to help improve and cause a positive impact in the way we interact and navigate ourselves in our daily lives. One recent innovation that uses modern innovation to create accessibility in product design is the latest DOT Watch. Keep reading below to learn more and read our thoughts on this latest innovation and about accessibility!

The Importance of Accessibility Explained by Our Florida Product Design Consultant

At Mako Design, our Florida product design consultant understands that a successful product is always one that is easy to use and straightforward in its function. Having an accessible product means creating a product that is accessible and has easy usability so that people all around the world can enjoy and use it with ease. Accessibility is a huge part of product design. Our Florida product design consultant believes that not only is making a great product that is easy to use important for making a successful product guaranteed to bring in a profit for an up and coming small businesses, but it also shows empathy towards people who have a more difficult time getting around and getting things done. Product design is a big factor that can easily help or make someone’s day easier to get through, therefore having an accessible product is not only great for convenience but really positively affecting the lives of those who may have a more difficult time getting daily tasks done than others. Thus, accessible products are important because they allow everyone to participate in society and help make our world easier to live in – overall giving us a sense of belonging.

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Our Florida Product Design Consultant’s Thoughts on the Dot Watch

Anyone who is a big fan of watches knows that a well-designed watch is extremely important not only for easy use of functionality for the watch but because watches are strong statement accessory pieces. Our Florida product design consultant explains that a well-designed and made watch can be a huge investment for consumers which is why designers and inventors take a lot of time curating the perfect watch design.

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The Dot Watch a new and first of its kind type of watch that approaches design in a modern and innovative way. One problem that exists for most watch designs is that fails to address how it can be used by those not able to read – the Dot Watch, however, lets you experience the traditional watch in a completely different way. The Dot Watch is a smartwatch that has all the traditional aspects of a watch – date and time, alarm, timer, and stopwatch, but in two modes – braille for those visually impaired, and tactile.  The Dot Watch has all the same capabilities as a smartwatch, with calls, messaging, connectivity to Bluetooth, your phone, applications, and has amazing charge power – but all in braille display.

The display is sleek, clean, and simple and displays any information you need to know on the front with a maximum of four braille characters at a time allowing the user to read as they would with a piece of paper. Since the design of the watch is all about accessibility, users who can’t read braille can easily switch to tactile mode. Overall, our Florida product design consultant thinks the Dot Watch is a great example of modern innovation being used to open the doors of functionality and truly defines the idea of accessibility in product design. Not only is it accessible, but it has an innovative design that completely rethinks the way we approach and use modern day watches.

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