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Innovative Product Designs to Enjoy the Perfect Thanksgiving

MAKO Design + Invent – October 6, 2020

The Perfect Multi-Functional Product Recommended by Our Florida Product Design Consultant

Although Thanksgiving is a holiday that many families and friends look forward to, its hard to deny that the preparation for a big Thanksgiving feast takes a lot of time and effort. It’s important to have the right tools to help you prepare, cook, and serve a meal for family and friends all by one night. If you’re in need of an upgrade for your kitchen cookware, our Florida product design consultant recommends the Proclamation Duo for a great and innovative option. The Proclamation Duo is an innovative two-pan innovation that efficiently tackles the job of a skillet, wok, stockpot, and Dutch-oven. The duo can be used independently as needed or hinged tighter to gorm a heat-trapping oven to cook things such as steaks, pizzas, and more. The duo features two vessels with an interlocking ability allowing you to cook more seamlessly without buying a whole new arsenal of kitchenware.

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A Product to Help You Efficiently Serve Better!

Even though the main star at a Thanksgiving feast is the traditional turkey, many look forward to other dishes such as a well-cooked roast. Roasts can be just as difficult to prepare as a whole turkey, and even more so when you are serving. Since roasts tend to be quite heavy and hard to maneuver, the Kuchenprofi Roast Cutting Tongs are the perfect innovative product to help you prepare and serve a roast to your table. Our Florida product design consultant loves how the tongs are designed to perfectly fit around a roast making it easier to maneuver, cut, and slice through the roast to serve to your guests. Since roasts tend to be a harder meat dish to cut through, the tongs hold the roast in place securely, allowing you to easily slice through with little effort and serve in no time. Each tine also acts as a slicing guide so that everyone gets an equal serving and that the roast is evenly cut!

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The Transformative Table Product Design of Your Dreams

Although making a great Thanksgiving feast is important for thanksgiving, another crucial part of Thanksgiving is the setting! A big Thanksgiving feast usually means a lot of food for a lot of people, but if you don’t have the right place to seat a gathering of people, it can be hard to host a great Thanksgiving. The Transformer Table is an innovative furniture product that can go from an 18-inch long table to nearly expanding to 7 times its size in order to fit larger amounts of people. The table is sturdy and easy to operate and comes in a variety of styles to fit within any home. Our Florida product design consultant loves how the table can be used in different ways, such as how each table comes with a bench and a higher counter-style table option to give you different ways to use the table within your home or to serve on for your dinner. The table can fit as much as 10 to 12 people around it and is able to support the weight of over 700 pounds thanks to quality design made of hardwood. Simply pull apart the table from each side in order to lengthen the table and get ready to prepare for a great Thanksgiving feast.

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A Helpful Thanksgiving Product Our Florida Product Design Consultant Loves

One can never celebrate thanksgiving with a traditional bowl of gravy. If you’ve prepared a Thanksgiving dinner before, you already know that preparing gravy can be a struggle and a difficult process due to the amount of fat and seasonings that go into the mix. The Good Gravy Fat Separator is an innovative product that is purposefully made to help with thanksgiving dinners. The cup is designed to easily separate the fat from gravies in order to make healthier gravies, soups, and sauces. Our Florida product design consultant loves the simple functionality of the product. Simply squeeze the built-in trigger on the handle to release cooking liquid from the bottom of the cup and leave the fat behind before pouring your gravy. The cup features an external drain that makes clean up quick and easy and has a built-in strainer that catches any lumps of seasoning or unwanted bits.

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