Celebrating Small Businesses with Our California Product Design Services

Mako Design Celebrates Small Business Month 2020!

What is Small Business Month?

Small Business Month is a recurring event that accounts for and appreciates small businesses from around the world. The month was recognized and proclaimed in British Columbia and is celebrated all around the nation. Small Business Month occurs every October – a time of education, training, networking, and recognizing the efforts and dedication that small businesses put into providing for our society and economy. As society navigate and works through the current pandemic, celebrating, appreciating, and supporting small businesses is now more crucial than ever as we face tough economic dilemmas. Mako Design uses our California product design services to always help and support new home inventors and entrepreneurs in their business journies, thus we understand that most people might be unaware of the fact that small businesses make up for a huge chunk of the economy! Over 99.7% of U.S firms are made up of small businesses and in which 89.6% of these small businesses have less than 20 employees. The popularity behind the rise of small businesses can be attested to the benefits of private ownership or sole proprietorship.

As we offer our California product design services to especially help out small businesses and home inventors, we believe it is important, now more than ever, to appreciate and support small businesses in order to help keep their businesses running in the face of tough unprecedented times. We are always proud to show recognition and appreciation for strong and resilient small business owners who push forward with their ideas in order to provide innovative and helpful products and services to our society. Thus, we’ve listed a couple of our small businesses clients below to show appreciation for their small businesses. Check them out below!

California product design services

A Look at Our Talented Clients with Thriving Small Businesses!


KiddieGo, LLC provides infant and toddler products for busy moms and on-the-go families. The 3 Piece Teether & Rattle Set is very eco-friendly and is made of safe non-toxic plastic environmental material and is waterproof.  The KiddieGo Change Seat is the world’s first 4-in-1 console that consists of storage compartments, a changing station, a toy area, and a chair for infants and toddlers. The KiddieGo Change Seat has recently received its first design and utility US patents. Invented by Dr. Emma Torres, CEO, and Founder of KiddieGo, LLC.

The inspiration behind KiddieGo products started with listening to parent frustrations of juggling many products and other equipment when traveling with children. The need to create and provide multi-purpose products that would solve many issues that parents were experiencing became more than a solution. It blossomed into a necessary passion with a purpose.

Click here to learn more about how our California product design services worked with Kiddie Go in their very own spotlight blog!

California product design services

The Cheese Sleeve

Advertised on their main website, The Cheese Sleeve is the greatest thing since sliced cheese! Mako Design and Invents Client, The Cheese Sleeve, is an innovative kitchen product whose idea was brought to us by Lowell MacLean who thought of a great solution to a common problem. After many instances of having trouble keeping the one end of cheese kept fresh after opening its original packaging, Lowell thought of a product that would cover than an open end in order to preserve the freshness of the cheese. This product is not only handy in that it helps to keep the cheese from getting stale and hard, but it also helps the user to save money from not needing to throw the cheese out, ergo saving more cheese to eat from it!

Check out the Cheese Sleeve’s very own spotlight blog to learn more!

California product design services

The CLub-It Brush

Introduced to us by our client, Jared Higgins, CLub-It is a convenient golfing product that is easy to bring around with you while on the course. What appealed us to CLub-It is how the product is conveniently designed so that active players have an accessible cleaner to carry on them or hanging on their golf bag for when they accidentally scuff or dirt their gold clubs. We used our California product design services to help invent a convenient golf club cleaner that helps you save time from cleaning your gold clubs after the game, but one that also keeps the condition and quality of your clubs at its top best performing quality, saving it from deterioration and keeping it clean and at its top-quality performance during the rest of your game.

Visit CLub-It’s spotlight blog to learn more!

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The Keeki Bag

To some, baking bread is a craft an integral part of their nutrition and life. Purchasing special loaves of bread to enjoy later and waking up to having fresh bread is a tradition to some. But while purchasing and baking bread may seem like a leisurely past time, it’s important to make sure that the bread you invest your time and money on is always fresh and lasts the longest that it can. As a home baker, Nancy understood the beauty and dedication that comes with baking bread, but a problem she constantly faced was learning how to properly store her loaves so that they maintain their freshness to enjoy. Thus, using our California product design services, the Keeki bag was created.

The Keeki bag is a plastic-free natural way to store your bread. The genius of the product lies in its use of being lined with beeswax in a linen bag. The bag features a wide opening and a closing drawstring for easy access and use. This allows the bread to breathe, rather than being wound up in a plastic bag. The Keeki bag makes sure that your loaves don’t hold a lot of moisture in and does not encourage mold, but still keeps the bread from drying out.

Learn more about the Keeki Bag in its very own client spotlight blog, here!

California product design services

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

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