Our Miami Industrial Design Consultant’s Top Products to Help Focus

Product Designs Made to Help You Focus

MAKO Design + Invent – October 14, 2020

A Bluetooth Speaker Our Miami Industrial Design Consultant Loves

By far one of the biggest distractions that get in our way while trying to work or focus is our smartphone. No matter how necessary it is for us to stay connected, our phones can cause us to lose track or focus easily. Since most of us use our phones to play music, it’s hard to completely disconnect without picking up our devices to change our song choices, however, this Bluetooth Speaker, named ‘Recorder’ is what our Miami industrial design consultant thinks is the perfect solution. The design fits well within office spaces, making it a great addition to the home. The speaker is able to connect to your phone via Bluetooth and play any of your playlists while you work, you can also shuffle through songs by pressing the buttons on the top so you don’t need to grab your phone, avoiding distractions from social media and notifications. The appeal of this product however is its compartment that allows you to store your phone inside while you work – and can only open through the top lock if you want to change a song.

Miami industrial design consultant

A Workstation Pod To Help You Relax and Focus

Many of us need to focus on different reasons, and for most, it’s in order to really get work done as productively as possible. Openseed is a new and innovative pod concept that helps us take a break from the stressful office life and allows the user to meditate and calm down in order to help them realign their minds to work. The Pod is designed ideally for workplaces, hotels, and airports and features a visual, audio and sensory inputs to help the user relax. The user sits inside crossed-legged and allows the studio component to flow through the pod via speakers or headphones. Our Miami industrial design consultant loves how the pod is also temperature-controlled and featuring sanitizing UV lights to keep the pod clean and hygienic. The pod also features guided meditations in order to help you fully experience relaxation help you realign your mind and body to help you focus for the rest of the day, stress-free.

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A Clock Perfect for Your Office Desk

If you work in a busy office, it can be hard to focus on your tasks without being interrupted by surrounding coworkers. The Balance Clock is a smart and perfect solution! With a simple and clean design, the Balance Clock sits on your desk as a helpful clock, but, once you feel the need to really focus and want to remain undisturbed while you finish your tasks, simply flip the clock over, face down, in order to activate the clocks main function – a signal to let others around you not to disturb you. Our Miami industrial design consultant loves that once the Balance Clock is flipped over, a light is switched on that emits a translucent rear casing. The casing will visually let others around you know that you are busy and wish to not be disturbed while you focus on finishing your tasks. Once you’re completed with your work, simply re-flip the clock!

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A Simple Yet Effective Lamp Recommended by Our Miami Industrial Design Consultant

If you really struggle with staying off your phone, the Tranquillo is another innovative product design perfect for solving smartphone troubles. What our Miami industrial design consultant loves the most about the Tranquillo is that it features a simple design and functionality – it is a simple desk lamp that only turns on once your phone is placed on a certain activator located at the base of the lamp. Your phone automatically switches to do-not-disturb, while the lamp turns on. If you decide to grab your phone, the lamp shuts off and turns off the light you were using, forcing you to put the phone back down in order to reopen the light. The design also features a removable and portable light source that can be placed anywhere else if you decide to work a little more farther away from your office desk – however, your phone must still be placed on the dock in order for the light to work, making it an effective yet simple solution to help keep your focused.

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