Our Florida Industrial Design Consultant’s Top Product Designs for Kids

Product Designs Made to Help Kids Study More Efficiently

MAKO Design + Invent – October 15, 2020

An Innovative Watch Made for Kids Our Florida Industrial Design Consultant Loves

With children staying at home and not getting used to a regular routine that used to be accompanied by going to school, it can be hard to keep them on track and less distracted. Rather than spending days trying to remind and teach the concept of time to your kids, the Daycare-At-Home Watch is straight forward and helpful concept that works to teach kids’ time! The wristwatch uses clever infographics instead of the traditional clock/watch design to help guide your child throughout the day. Our Florida industrial design consultant loves how the watch faces a 12-hour format that breaks the day into two parts – 12 for daytime activities and 12 for nighttime and rest. The simple icons on the front of the watch help to allows kids to tell the difference between study time, playtime, nap time, and more. The size of each zone helps them understand how long they should be doing each activity. Not only does the watch help kids learn a more unique approach to time, but also the value of their time.

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An Interactive DIY Design Perfect for Kids

With most parents keeping their kids at home and opting for home and online schooling, it has been a hard struggle to balance both teaching kids and work-life schedules. Wonder DIY is an interactive and fun solution that helps encourage learning at home for kids in a fun and innovative way. Wonder DIY comes with four kits that our Florida industrial design consultant thinks are perfect for allowing children to create their own learning landscape at home. This includes amazing them own desks, allowing them to create their own environment to help encourage them to be more proactive in their at-home learning environment. Wonder DIY comes in a modular design create from blank cardboard and works as a canvas for an art project – each kit has its own theme that represents a different learning environment to help them explore, create learning. Eat kits are adorable, easy to assemble and put away, lightweight, and durable – perfect for children.

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A Screen-Free Children’s Product Recommended by Our Florida Industrial Design Consultant

Using tech devices such as iPad’s has been a popular method within the past couple of years to help children learn and study – however, a common problem that most parents face with using this method is how quickly their children become addicted or reliant on digital devices and iPad screens. Our Florida industrial design consultant recommends TIMIO – a screen-free and AI free solution. TIMIO is an interactive and smart toy made to help improve your children’s knowledge through tech without the need for distracting screens and focuses more on targeting cognitive thinking and understanding. TIMIO is audio-based and works through using magnetic discs that align on the base of the toy, along with images displayed on the disk, children press specific images to initiate audio cues in order to help build relations between the image and audio. There is a larger variety of disks to choose from to help your children learn better and even include nursery rhymes, stories, and music.

If you’re looking for another interactive product to help you spend time and learn with your child, check out our client’s product, Moonlite, design by the team at Mako Design!

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A Projector for Your Table to Help Interactive Learning

There is more than one way to integrate projectors into our lives rather than just a traditional projection on a screen. Orbit is a new innovative way to interact and share with your family and friends right from the convenience of your phone. Orbit is designed to specifically project a 360-degree view of what is on your phone to the surface that the projector is placed on. Our Florida industrial design consultant believes that this makes it the perfect projector to use onto dining tables or study tables to enjoy watching movies, videos, or even interactive study sessions! Orbit is an efficient way to connect families and friends together around a dinner table and enjoy a visual experience while eating a meal or sharing fun moments from your smartphone.

Check out our client’s products made for children, Kiddie Go, designed by the Mako Design team!

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