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The Latest Wearable Tech Pieces to Make Your Life Easier

MAKO Design + Invent – October 22, 2020

A Smart Helmet that Our Florida Product Design Specialist Believes All Cyclists Need!

If you bike frequently or consider yourself a biker, your safety while out on the road should be your first priority. Our Florida product design specialist agrees that helmets are the most used and highly recommended piece of safety equipment that is vital for all cyclists, however, a lot of cyclists can agree that finding a good helmet that suits all their needs and is comfortable can be hard. The FARO Helmet is an innovative and smart new helmet that combines technology and safety into once in order to make a safer and more convenient helmet for cyclists. The FARO helmet is designed with a sleek look that featured LED strips on the front and back to help surrounding traffic notice you while riding. The lights also help with providing the wearer with visibility if you happen to be cycling at night. The hard-shell features minimalist vents that help improve air-circulation, a weatherproof fabric liner, and a magnetic closure placed around the chin. The smart features include automatic brake lights, fall-detection, and a sleek handlebar remote, making sure you are protected at all times during your ride. The FARO helmet truly paves the way for new and innovative smart protection for the future of cycling.  

Florida product design specialist

A Headband That Provides Light to Fulfill Your Vitamin D Needs!

With the seasons getting colder, there remain only a few more hours left of sunlight throughout the day! Our Florida product design specialist explains that getting an appropriate among of vitamin D is important for a healthy lifestyle and especially for keeping yourself awake and energized, which is why the LUX headband is perfect for solving the issue of not getting enough sunlight during the darker months! This headband approaches the necessity for light in one’s daily lifestyle. The design for LUX is lightweight and hooks around the user’s ears just like sunglasses. The LED lights align with users temples that are positioned at a specific spot where light is most easily absorbed by the brain, giving you the right amount of light needed to fulfill all your vitamin D requirements throughout the day, even during the darker seasons where you only get a limited amount of sunlight per day helping to treat insomnia and depression.

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Florida product design specialist

A Smart Microphone our Florida Product Design Specialist Loves

Now that work and events have moved to digital, having the right home-work equipment is now more important than ever for home offices. Online video conferences are now an important standard, and having a functional webcam and microphone is vital to clear communications needed in important meetings. Hooke Audio has released an innovative wearable microphone that our Florida product design specialist loves. The Hooke Lav is made for a more convenient and smart microphone experience needed for at-home workers right now. The design of the mic is simple, minimalistic, and efficient. The mic features a 24-bit depth, and records 48 KHz with low latency, and is compatible with iPhone, Androids, DSLR’s, and more. Through Bluetooth connectivity and an internalized 8G worth of storage, the mic allows users to record anything, anywhere. Simply slide the mic and press record and enjoy the devices’ lightweight and sleek design!

Florida product design specialist

An Innovative Piece of Wearable Tech That Monitors Your Temperature

Since the pandemic has begun, establishments, restaurants, and workspaces have evolved into finding new and innovative ways to keep ourselves safe, healthy, and informed. One way that our society has changed is by monitoring temperatures in order to keep environments safe. Although there are many new body-temperature screening measures now available, inventors are looking for new ways to help monitor our health more efficiently. The PouchPASS is a new wearable tech piece that comes with a mobile app to help regulate and monitor your body’s temperature. The PouchPASS features a clean and neat data dashboard that displays your temperature periodically, so you don’t need to. The device is placed on wrists and is adjustable for both kids, teens, and adults. The device is also waterproof, making it easy to wear all day long – even in the shower! Our Florida product design specialist loves how the purpose of the PouchPASS makes it easier to provide accurate temperature readings that help both monitor your own temperature and let others easily know your current temperature while out and entering a public indoor area.

Florida product design specialist

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