Why Our Miami Invention Design Studio Prefers Small Product Changes

Why Mako Design Believes Small Modifications Make Big Impacts on Your Product

MAKO Design + Invent – November 4, 2020

The product design journey is a long and time-consuming process. A lot of consideration needs to be taken on the inventor, as well as the inventor’s team when making critical decisions for what steps to take within a product’s development and how to approach building a product. Working with a world-class and experienced team like at our Miami invention design studio Mako Design can immensely help the inventor when making tough design decisions, but nonetheless, the process can have its ups and downs – as all great inventions do. Our Miami invention design studio, Mako Design, is a big believer in focusing on the main function and goal of your product before the details, which is why we think that even small details should be given just as much importance as the big ones when making a product design decision. We discuss the way in which small changes have big effects on your product below!

What Counts as a ‘Small Modification’ to Our Miami Invention Design Studio

At our Miami invention design studio, we believe that the definition of what counts as a big or small product change or modification can vary in the eyes of the beholder. What one might think is a “small change” may be a very huge one to another. Deciding what counts as a small modification can be better defined by looking at the original design of your product and understanding what the big, most functional, and important aspects and goals of your product are. By understanding what the most important functions and pieces of your product are – you can more easily define what a “small modification” can be. For example, if your product design allows for its main function to work flawlessly, changing or adding a small modification such as extra design details, pocket, etc., would count as a small modification because it modifies the product slightly so, without obstruction the main purpose of the product.

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Why Small Modifications Are More Beneficial to Your Product Than Large Ones

Adding on small modifications and design details to your product is a smart way to upgrade your design and give back more to your audiences than expected. When you release a product, your consumers become familiar with your products build, how it works, its function, and even your branding and packing design. Familiarity is a powerful took within making a product and brand, which is why making big product design changes can having major impacts on your consumer groups’ reaction or opinion on your product. Instead of opting for a huge product change that can rebound and cause risk for a negative reaction from your audience, making small modification and detail changes are a smart way to test waters, learn what works, give more and offer more to your audiences and see how they react to your products upgrade and changes. Our Miami invention design studio recommends slowly building up changes that’ll have a bigger impact on your product than going forth with a huge drastic change right away that may put off your current consumer audience. Always remembering consumer and audience feedback is important when making changes to your product because your main and base audience is vital to having a strong clientele who believe and support not only your product but the brand as well.

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If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at +1 (888) 806-6256 (MAKO) and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

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