Our Toronto Invention Development Specialist Lists Top Winter Products

The Best Inventions for the Upcoming Winter Season

MAKO Design + Invent – November 25, 2020

App-Controlled Gloves Our Toronto Invention Development Specialist Loves

By far one of the biggest discomforts that come along with the winter season is getting cold hands and feet. As both these parts are extremely important to keep warm during the winter, having the right winter protective gear is key to staying both healthy and warm. Prepare for the heat with the Quanta Vici gloves and socks are made exclusively to keep your hands and feet both heated at the same temperature all throughout the colder seasons. Our Toronto invention development specialist loves how these innovative gloves and socks are app-controlled and have a real-time heat regulation algorithm – generating a maximum heat of 131 degrees Fahrenheit. The Quanta Vici gloves and sock keep your hands and feet warm for over 6.5 hours on just one single charge. Not only does Quanta Vici keep you warm, but their socks are specially designed to keep your feet from swelling – a common problem during the winter season, and also come with an anti-blister cushion, great for long days out in the snow. Both are designed to be breathable and are made with a thin and light material that even allows you to still operate touch-screen services like your phone so you can take a call even while walking through the winter air! 

Toronto invention development specialist

A Live Saving Product Designed by Our Toronto Product Design Firm!

Although there are many fans of winter who love the snow, there are times when the weather can surprise us! Depending on where you live, especially in places like Canada, extreme amounts of snowfall can be a big problem. Luckily, there are a large number of inventors who focus on creating products that can help battle extreme weather conditions, such as our client, CarGenerator. Especially so during the winter season, power outages are a huge problem and can leave homes without electricity, and most importantly, heat.

Designed in our Toronto office, our Toronto invention development specialist explains that with CarGenerator, you can turn your car into a power source in the case of any emergency, powering lights, TV’s, computers, fridge and your house for days! In the case you decide to take a winter getaway, CarGenerator works great to run important necessities during a winter camping trip. The product is lightweight, convenient, reliable, works with both gas and electric car and has a super long runtime to keep you with power for as long as you need to.

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Toronto invention development specialist

A Beautifully Designed Space Heater for Your Home

The traditional space heater is a product that has become a well-loved necessity during winter. Not only do space heaters effectively keep one warm but keep the surrounding areas warm for a good amount of time between uses. However, one drawback with the traditionally known design of the space heater is that it may clash within the interior design of one’s home. Luckily, the Cube Heater designed by Jang Junyoung is a specially designed space heater that is made in the form of a cube. The cub design is both simple and clean that transforms the idea and image of the traditional space heater into one that is the best fit for keeping up an aesthetic interior. Our Toronto invention development specialist loves how the design includes a specially placed LED remains on the bottom of the cubed design space heater to let others around know when it is turned on in order that no one accidentally burns themselves. The Cube Heater operates in different directions and angles making it the perfect heater for small spaces all while carrying a minimalistic and sleek design.

Toronto invention development specialist

The Leash Mitten Recommended by our Toronto Invention Development Specialist

Our Toronto invention development specialist is proud to recommend the Leash Mitten designed by our Toronto team for our client, Jeannelle Mckenzie, owner of DolceDog! The Leash Mitten is the perfect two-in-one solution for all dog walkers across the world. As seasons begin to get colder and colder, those who own dogs and dog walkers begin to dread heading out and walking their dogs in the cold. As harsh winds and snow make it more uncomfortable for dog-owners to hold their leashes, it can be a struggle to carry a tight grip on your dog’s leash while walking them around – especially if they happen to be bigger dogs. Luckily, the Leash Mitten was designed to solve all dog owners and walkers’ problems for the cold seasons.

Designed with a waterproof and plush fleece lining material, the Leash Mitten is made for a more comfortable and warm experience that actually allows you to enjoy your daily dog walks during the winter! The mitten comes with an adjustable elastic drawstring so that it fits comfortably around any wrist and a durable plastic D ring to even hold your keys and poop bags. Our Canada invention design agency loves how the Leash Mitten is not only a great glove for the winter but helps carry your additional items in a secure place while you walk your dog.

Toronto invention development specialist

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