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MAKO Design + Invent – December 2, 2020

A Multifunctional Headphone-Speaker Combo

If you’re an audiophile, chances are you probably have a different speaker or headphone devices in order to listen and enjoy your favorite songs. One commonality that our Miami invention makers notices between all audiophiles who particularly have at least one pair of impressive headphones does not know where to put or store them when not in use. Leap X is an innovative portable speaker design that solves that problem. The product appears to look like a head, however, apart from its unique appearance, its design is practical and functional. The design of the speaker allows the users to slip on headphones on and off without stretching or damaging the headband. The device can connect to both devices and can automatically switch audio outputs once they both recognize each other – if choosing to turn off the headphones, the talking heads speakers converts into a Bluetooth speaker allowing you to continue to listen to your favorite tunes while keeping a safe and secure place for your headphones to rest and recharge.

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The Wearable Portable Speaker That Miami Invention Makers Would Love

Our Miami invention makers know that wearable tech and design is not a new concept and is a proper option especially within our current technological age – therefore it was no surprise that we came across an innovative wearable tech speaker design. The Tech Life Boom-Band is a wearable speaker that you can wear on your wrist, the same way you would a watch, but instead of telling the time, you can carry your favorite songs with you no matter where you go. The wrist speaker can carry six hours of battery life and is designed to output high-quality sound all within the form of a compact wristwatch. Not only is it light, comfortable and matches any wardrobe well, but can easily be tuned to suit the volume you need for your desired surroundings and group of friends so you can all enjoy your favorite songs without being a nuance to others around you.

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A Directional Life-Changing Portable Speaker

Speakers can be powerful devices, and the more you invest in a proper pair the more powerful they can be. It’s great to have a powerful pair of speakers until you run into the situation in which they can be too loud or powerful for the surrounding company. If you constantly run into the issue of having being told to lower your music, our Miami invention makers believe that the SRAY speaker might be for you. The SRAY speaker is a directional speaker that works with innovative speaker technology to allow you to listen to your favorite songs by redirecting the sounds waves of your music to your desired direction. The devices using sounds spotlights to allow the flow of the music to only be audible if it is directed in towards, however, direct the music elsewhere and you won’t be able to hear a sound. Not only is this speaker perfect for those with roommates, but also when using your speaker in public such as parks where you want your music to be audible by you or your friend group only.

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How Modular Systems Can Create an Innovative Speaker 

Our Miami invention makers believe that Portable speakers make for a great opportunity to use angle and directions to help manipulate the way we enjoy our music. The Museg speaker designed by Jake Naish is no different. The Museg is a modular and portable speaker that can be set up in different ways and portably. Set up the speaker in 120-degree wide cone and it becomes ideal to listen to music when carrying it around with you, however, snap it together with another piece to transform it into a 240-degree cone and it can be set up against a wall for others to enjoy. Place three together in the centre of the room and you can create a 360-degree immersive music experience for groups of people to enjoy all throughout one space.

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