Mako Design’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for ‘Her’

Mako Design’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for ‘Her’

MAKO Design + Invent – December 7, 2020

The Perfect Gift to Accompany Our Smartphones

It would be an understatement to say that one of our most cherished items today is our smartphones. As new smartphones are released and gifted during the holiday season, it’s important to make sure you keep your most important item well protected! The LuMee Duo Phone Case is a great option that our California invention design firm loves for those looking to gift a special ‘her’ in their life with a multi-functional phone case. Not only does this phone case do a great job in creating a durable shield to help protect phones from cracking, but also features two bright light strips at the from to help illuminate yourself when taking selfies on your front-facing camera. Opt for the Duo version of the Lumee case and get a light strip that rests on the back of your phone to make sure that all your pictures turn out looking great. The best part is the case runs entirely on its own battery so that it doesn’t drain yours!

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Our California Invention Design Firm Loves This Product Perfect Wine Lovers!

As the holiday season approaches, we can surely all think of one ‘her’ in our lives that love to crack open a bottle of wine at the dinner table. If you can think of special someone just like this, the Eto Wine bottle is a great gift option. Our California invention design firm loves how the Eto bottle carries a refined and sophisticated design and is also made of glass and stainless teal with rose=gold finish to help give it a more elegant touch. The color of the rose gold beautiful matches well with the traditional color of red wine, making for a wine bottle that looks beautiful when presented at the dinner table. The Eto can also be stored in the fridge to help preserve your win and features a strategically designed stainless steel top that allows for an easy pour that is glug and spill-proof.

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The Perfect Gift for the Holidays Invented by Our Client, Dhérèse!

Invented by our client Dhérèse, with help from our California invention design firm, Mako Design, the Ring Keeper is a specially designed and portable safe space to keep your rings while you’re on the go. When faced with different activities and don’t want to risk losing or damaging your rings, the Ring Keeper provides a safe and secure place for you to keep your rings, instead of tossing them in your purse, wallet, or pockets, where it is more likely to get lost or fall out. The Ring Keeper was designed with an anti-tarnish fabric lining and elasticated internal pockets. The zipper mini case keeps all your individuals rings safe from being scratched, pulled, or from losing small pieces (i.e., diamonds). The Ring Keeper comes with a lobster claps feature that allows you to secure the ring keeping to your purse, keys, belt, or bag so that all your possessions stay together and you know exactly where everything belongs. The Ring Keeper is currently available in three different colors and comes to you in a protective velvet pouch!

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A Cute, Compact, and Vital Product That is Great for the Holiday Season

It’s no surprise that as the weather gets colder, many of us are rushing to stay inside where our heaters keep us warm and cozy. However, although being inside where it’s warm is comforting, being surrounded by dry air is not. Many of us find ourselves congested and a dry and warm room does little to alleviate the annoyance from a stubborn congested nose. A humidifier such as the V-CUUB mini humidifier is a perfect gift for her for the holiday season. Not only is the V-CUUB humidifier made with a small and compact design that is perfect to fit and move around in any space, but our California invention design firm loves how the design is so cute you can’t help to feel joy just by looking at it. When the season is over, you can also simply move and store it away in a small space due to its compact size and wait for next winter to bring it out again!

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From design to manufacturing your prototype, research the players involved

If you are hiring a professional design and development firm to create your product, do some research before selecting the firm. This also applies to the manufacturing stage of your product. You may need to work with multiple manufacturers for various parts of your product. Does the factory incorporate alternative sources of energy such as solar or wind into the manufacturing process? Are outputs and waste managed responsibly? Does it take steps to offset the CO2 produced during manufacturing?

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