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Mako Design’s Favorite Innovative Mouse Designs

MAKO Design + Invent – December 8, 2020

Since working from home has become the norm in many countries right now, most people are looking for new ways to help improve and upgrade their current at-home office setting. For those who work on computers desktops all day – the mouse is completely viral and an extremely important piece to your set up. Making sure you have not only a well-functioning but a comfortable mouse is a key to an efficient workflow that doesn’t distract you from your work. Here are our Austin invention design company, Mako Design’s, favorite innovation mouse design to consider if you’re looking to upgrade your home office!

A Sweat-Proof Mouse Our Austin Invention Design Company Loves

Our Austin invention design company understands that a lot of traditional mouses are typically made with plastic, however, those who naturally have sweaty palms already know the annoyance that comes along with using plastic mouses. Luckily, the Ice Mouse is an innovative mouse design that features a bamboo upper that helps promote breathability, allowing your palms to not accumulate sweat from hours of use. The design of the mouse also features an aluminum base, creating the perfect contrast for giving your fingers a metallic surface to lay on.

Austin invention design company

An Intuitive Mouse That Works Right On Your Fingertips!

One common and negative aspect of traditional mouses is how they can sometimes cause discomfort in your wrist or stiff and aching joints. To combat this, designer Ihjoo Yoon wanted to create an innovative mouse that would rid others of the pain that they could incur from using traditional mouse designs. Thus, the Ring Mouse was invented. Our Austin invention design company loves how this mouse not only features a completely ergonomic design but is lightweight and works intuitively by working and reacting to the movement of your fingertips. Since the ring mouse completely rests on your fingertips, you never have to worry about wrist pain, making for a more smooth and stressful experience.

Austin invention design company

The Perfect Aesthetic Mouse That Looks Great in Any Office

If you’re looking for a truly unique piece to rest upon your office desk at home, look no further. The Lounge Mouse is a specially designed mouse that our Austin invention design company loves. The Lounge Mouse is made to take homage to the iconic design of the lounge chair designed by Charles Eames. Featuring a slick black design to rest your palms on, the Lounge Mouse follows the form and direction of the iconic ottoman commonly known as Charles Eames furniture design. The mouse itself is made of bent plywood and the upper half with soft leather made from a seamless, beautifully designed experience that anyone would appreciate.

Austin invention design company

A Mouse Design to Work Just Like a Remote

Take a break from traditional mouse designs and go for a more innovative product option, such as the CheerPod. The CheerPod is a small, handheld device that takes the functionality of a traditional mouse and focuses on its essential function. The design is centered around remaining small and remote-like, making it portable, and feature-driven. It features an infrared sensor on its base that allows you to drag your cursor around just by move the physical device. You can also easily swipe across screens on your desktop interfaces just like you would through mobile just by re-enacting some simple gestures. Our Austin invention design company notices that what separates this innovative mouse design from others is its ability to function without a receiver and how easily it connects directly to laptops, tablets, desktops, and phones using Bluetooth.

Austin invention design company

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    May 21, 2021 at 5:11 am

    An Intuitive Mouse That Works Right On Your Fingertips
    This thing is cool, I’m going to buy it there, in Taiwan or Asia

    • Mako Design

      May 21, 2021 at 10:30 am

      Isn’t it! If you do get your hands on one, let us know what you think!


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