Innovative Products Perfect for Ice Skating

MAKO Design + Invent – December 14, 2020

A Blade Bodyguard for Your Skates

Although skating on ice may be a smooth experience, anyone who’s ever gone skating can attest to the fact that once you’re off the ice, walking on the ground is a struggle. Instead of trudging around in fear of injuring yourself or others around you, the Blade Bodyguard designed by Koostu is a great innovative invention made to help you walk easier on the ground. The Blade Bodyguard is made to easily put onto the bottom of your skates when you’re off the ice in order to protect both the blade and the user. The design is made with a patented spring-activated catch and release mechanism that allows the bodyguard to be installed on the skate blade with no content or effort. Our Toronto invention design consultant loves how the Blade Bodyguard is also specially designed with a widened rubber sole to allow the user to safely walk in their skates as if they were walking in regular shoes!

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Recommended by Our Toronto Invention Design Consultant, the MouthGuard Invented by Our Client, BrainVault!

Invented by our clients Drew Pittman and Gregg Ueckert, BrainVault is a sports equipment company that supplies a revolutionary patented upper and lower mouthguard made to help reduce the risk of concussions when playing sports. With Drew being a sports agent, and Gregg a dentist, the duo came to our Toronto invention design consultant with a clear vision backed by thorough research and expertise for what they wanted to bring to life! What makes BrainVault special as a company is that their lower and upper mouthguard is backed by science that proves that the best way to protect yourself from a concussion while playing heavy contact sports, like ice hockey, by protecting your neck – the most important line of defense from a concussion. Unlike how helmets only protect against skull fractures, the BrainVault mouthguard helps strengthen your neck muscles, decreasing the odds of a concussion by 5%. Not only is the BrainVault mouthguard backed by numerous scientists and professors, but the mouthguard is also scientifically, and technology patented, proving how aligning the head and neck increases neck strength, and helps defend again the odds of concussion.

Read more bout Brainvault in its very own client spotlight, here!

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The Perfect Pair of Gloves to Keep Your Hands Warm While Skating

If you plan on spending your winter trying to get out as much as possible, it should be no surprise that you should have a trusted pair of gloves to keep you warm while out! Since ice skating involves a good amount of balance, most people typically have their arms out, which means leaving your hands warm in your pocket could be out of the question. Our Toronto invention design consultant believes that the Mujjio Thinsulate gloves are a great option for those looking to both keeps their hands warm and still as functional as possible while out in the cold. Instead of dealing with having to constantly take on and off your gloves when using your phone, the Thinsulate gloves protect you from the cold with its layered insulating fabric that traps the body but also lets you use your phone from its thermally conductive surface. Easily pick up a call, check the time, or take photos of your ice-skating venture easily without having cold hands or fingers!

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A Pocket Warmer for Extra Cold Days

We’ve all been caught outside in a colder day than expected and have found ourselves with freezing hands. Be prepared this fall with a smart hand warmer to keep you warm during any chance of unexpected weather! This conceptual hand warmer from ‘Second White’ is a cute, and essential product that is made specifically to best fit into your hands to keep them warm. Our Toronto invention design consultant loves how its smart design is made in a soft elliptical shape that fits naturally in your palms and is perfect to fit in coat pockets. Once back inside, you can simply recharge the heater with a USB. The warmer also comes with extra batteries just in case you’re out longer than usual!

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