Our Florida Invention Design Studio Lists the Best 2020 Gifts for ‘Him’

Mako Design’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for ‘Him’

MAKO Design + Invent – December 15, 2020

The Perfect Gift for the Whiskey Lover

For the man who loves a cool drink, the Everest Whiskey Glass is a classy but fun gift to anyone who loves their whiskey! Unlike other typical whiskey glasses, the Everest Whiskey Glass comes embedded with its own chill charge system built into its very own special design decorative mountain whiskey stone placed in the center bottom of the glass. Simply store the glass in the freezer before use and take it out before pouring yourself a cool drink to enjoy with friends! Our Florida invention design studio loves how the unique mountain piece in middle effectively and evenly chills your drink in under 20 seconds without watering it down like ice would, creating a unique and more enjoyable drinking experience that anyone would appreciate.

florida invention design studio

A Compact Fan Perfect for Any Office or Gaming Desk Set-Up

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone with an impressive home-office or desk-set up, a cooling fan is just what they need! Since big tech pieces tend to heat up pretty quickly by running powerful programs or online games, making sure that they stay cool is key to keeping them running smoothly. Our Florida invention design studio recommends the Evapolar! The Evapolar is a small and portable personal air cooler that is perfect for keeping your office space nice and cool. The Evapolar fits perfectly amongst other big desk pieces, making sure not to take up too much space and efficiently blows the right amount of temperature and air around the desk to help circulate cool air around your desk and keep your devices at a regulated temperature. Not only does it help with keeping your devices cold, but it also does a great job at keeping the user cool without spreading cold air all the way over to anyone in near proximity. Not only does the Evapolar work great, but also comes in a sleek and minimalist design that looks great on any desk.

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florida invention design studio

The All-in-One Beard Tool Designed by Our Florida Invention Design Studio!

Those who maintain or frequently keep up with grooming a full beard to know how much time, work, and effort goes into keeping clean and looking proper. Our client, Andrew Newell noticed that many of the products out now that made to help maintain and groom beards were modifications made from women’s beauty products. Newell wanted to create the perfect product specifically designed for bearded men.

The Blazing Beard Tool is the all-in-one tool that has everything a bearded man would need to properly care for and clean up his beard. Within its small and compact packaging includes a refillable beard balm reservoir, a comb fire and retract button, a refillable beard oil reservoir, automatic spring action polished beard comb, detachable scissors, magnetically attached boar’s hair beard brush and detachable folding mustache comb, and a hidden mirror! Our Florida invention design studio loves how The Blazing Beard Tool is designed to fit all these different tools under one small, lightweight, and solidly built design that you can keep on you at all times to make sure that your beard is always looking great.

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A Fun Invention Made for the Handy-Man Who Loves to Eat!

Everyone knows at least one person is always ready for a good ol’ fashioned cook out and barbeque. If you happen to have a big barbeque or perhaps a steak lover in your life, this BBQ Toolbox is a great gift! This portable barbeque made from steel and coated with a heat-resistant red exterior is the perfect companion for any large cookouts and gatherings! Our Florida invention design studio loves how the design of the barbeque is meant to replicate the look of a toolbox, perfect for any handyman in your life who wants to combine both of his passion together into one! The grill is large enough to serve a meal of up to 4 people and comes with a secondary grill that works as a warming rack for food already cooked. Once finished the tool-box barbeque can easily be cleaned up and put away for its next use.

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