Our Miami Invention Design Studio Share Our Favorite Christmas Products

Mako Design’s Favorite Christmas Themed Products

MAKO Design + Invent – December 21, 2020

A Product That Turns Your Books Into A Tree!

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to get into the holiday spirit with your home décor, our Miami invention design studio loves this the Wisdom Tree! The Wisdom Tree is designed to turn your books into a Christmas tree inspired bookshelf! Simply place your favourite books on each shelf and to create a tree-like appearance. The design of the book placement also makes it very convenient to act as a bookmark for all your current reads. The Wisdom Tree features an illuminated feature with USB powered warm white LED lights to help add onto the Christmas tree like design and complete your very own Christmas-themed bookshelf!

Miami invention design studio

A Minimalistic Tree Our Miami Invention Design Studio Loves

Although most people opt for the traditional Christmas tree for their holiday décor, some may not be able to fit a whole tree in their home or just want something more unique and different! The Yelka is a minimalistic Christmas tree made with real wood, but with a completely simple and clean design. Our Miami invention design studio loves how the tree comes in a number of sizes to suit the needs of those in different living situations and can be manually put together by arranging the position of each branch to your liking. The design of the tree makes it easy to decorate with lights and ornaments and comes in three different wood types and bases. Not only is the Yelka Tree great to look at, but also has a fun interactive design perfect for putting together a unique Christmas tree set-up with family.

Miami invention design studio

A Helpful Product Perfect For All Christmas Trees

For those who stick to the old-fashioned traditional true Christmas tree for their Christmas festivities, our Miami invention design studio thinks the Eazy Treezy is the perfect product! Anyone who has ever had to bring in and maintain a real tree in their home knows how much effort and time has to go into making sure the tree is properly set up and will last all of Christmas. The Eazy Treezy makes it easy to not only set up your tree but also maintain its health! Simply place the Eazy Treezy in your desired location and plug the base of your tree into the Eazy Treezy. The base of the Eazy Treeze will make sure your tree doesn’t fall over and is always upright thanks to the spikes placed on the bottom that pierce into the tree to keep it in place. The platform at the bottom features a compartment for you to pour water into making it easy to keep the tree healthy.

Miami invention design studio

A Christmas Themed Product Perfect for a Warm Holiday Drink

With the holidays and cold weather upon us, there is no better time than ever to bundle up and get cosy with a warm holiday drink. The Nanopresso designed by Wacaco is a great option for those looking for the perfect winter-themed espresso maker! The Nanopresso includes every single element of a coffee maker into a small pill-shaped sized form easy to fit into any bag while you’re on the go. The Nanopresso comes in a bright festive red and features a fun Christmas design to put you right in the festive mood while you’re making a warm holiday drink. Our Miami invention design studio loves how the Nanopresso comes with its own little case and is easy to use. Simply add coffee or a pod, hot water and allow pressure to build up before pouring a cup with its included Nanopresso cup.

Miami invention design studio

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