Our Austin Invention Design Company Shares Our 2020 Gift Guide for Kids

Mako Design’s 2020 Gift Guide for Kid Products

MAKO Design + Invent – December 22, 2020

An Innovative Music Product for Kids

There are many ways to approach helping kids learn a new skill or become interested in a new hobby. If you want your kid to grow up a musical genius, our Austin invention design company recommends Chorus, an innovative and amazing product perfect for kids! Chorus is a modular product that teaches kids how to make music. The product includes a guitar, microphone, piano, drum, EW, reverb, filter and more modules that allow kids to learn and create loops using 16 different beats! The module of the product itself features a helpful guide characterized as a bird to help the kids learn how to use the product and teach them more in-depth skills in their music-making process.

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Essential Kid Products Designed by Our Austin Invention Design Company

Parents can definitely understand that changing your baby when you’re on the go can be a struggle – especially if there is no outside open and accessible baby changing facilities. The KiddieGo Change Seat is a portable baby chair that is designed to keep your baby safe and occupied while you easily and conveniently change their diaper. The change seat proves a variety of toys, utilities, and fun for your baby to make for an efficient process that is both easy for yourself and your little one. Due to its lightweight and portable design, the change seat makes it easy to carry around and carry other important items your baby would need during changing. Our Austin invention design company was dedicated to making this design as convenient as possible for parents, thus the change seat includes a 4 in 1 console that 3 different storage departments, a changing station, toy section, and seat. The seat makes sure to protect babies with a 5-point harness seatbelt, keeping them cosy and secure.

Check out Kiddie Go’s client spotlight, here!

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An Award-Winning Kid Product Designed by Our Austin Invention Design Company

The idea for Moonlite came to its inventor, Natalie when she was reading bedtime stories to her daughter and product inspiration, Chloe. To keep Chloe engaged, Natalie used the flashlight from her phone to create shadow puppets on the wall while telling a story. And then she thought, “What if I could create images on the wall to make bedtime stories even better?” The Moonlite was born.

Designed by our Austin invention design company, Moonlite’s product design features smooth lines and soft finishes to appeal to the child’s eye. The first-ever mini-projector device contains a photo reel which is sandwiched between an easy to rotate the disc. The pastel color is attention-grabbing and glows in the dark to add an element of fun. There are color recognition swatches for app integration, include full high definition images as well as sound effects for a full audio-visual experience. The adjustable lens allows the user to focus the image designed to fit perfectly on an iPhone or Samsung. The pad at the back offers further security adhering to the back of the device.

Check out the Moonlite website, here!

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A Unique Product to Make Brushing Teeth Fun!

It’s important to grow healthy dental hygiene habits at a young age, and making brushing teeth fun for kids can be a challenge! The Dino Brush is a great option for parents who are looking for an easier way to help get their kids more motivated to get in the habit of brushing their teeth. Not only does the Dino Brush have a fun dinosaur inspired design, but is comfortable hold making it easier for kids to better brush their teeth. Our Austin invention design company loves how the electric components of the brush are skillfully designed to act as the lower half of the animal, enhancing the clever design. The lower part of the design acts as a charging dock and the power cord imitates the dinosaurs’ tail.

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