Our Texas Invention Development Firm Shares Top Tech Stocking Stuffers

The Best Tech Stocking Stuffers

MAKO Design + Invent – December 24, 2020

A Unique Throwback Smart Watch Case

If you plan on getting a new impressive tech piece for a friend or family member who appreciates some good nostalgia, this smart watchcase named ‘Pod Case’ by Joyce Kang is perfect. The design of this case not transforms your smartwatch into a replica iPod Nano and allows you to use your smartwatch, as is when you don’t feel like using it strapped on to your wrist. Our Texas invention development firm loves how the case not only has a fun and old-school apple design but also when connected to Bluetooth can be functional with the jog-wheel design in the front just like the original iPod!

Texas invention development firm

A Tech Accessory Any Apple User Would Love

If you’re friends with someone who is a big fan of apple, chances are they probably have a lot of apple devices at home, which is the perfect opportunity to gift some cool tech accessories! Satechi has invented a smart apple watch dock that can sit on the edge of an iPad making it possible to wirelessly charge your watch while you use your tablet. Our Texas invention development firm loves how the charging dock works for all versions of the apple watch and plugs not only to the side of iPad’s, but also Macbook Pros and other power banks. The design is made of sleek aluminium to match the aesthetic of Apple of products and comes with built-in magnets that securely hold your watch without worry of it falling off.

Texas invention development firm

An Innovative Smart Watch Designed by Our Texas Invention Development Firm

Created by one of our loyal clients, Harp Gahunia, Harp had a clear vision about creating a wearable tech device that surpasses the hundreds of wearable tech watches out on the market today. His vision was guided by observing the faults and problems that existed within popular models of existing wearable tech and focusing on eliminating those problems in order to give consumers an easier and elevated experience when using their devices. Thus, Kharaband was invented. Our Texas invention development firm shares that the genius behind the Kharaband lies in its smart design in that while the watch features a super sleek and modern look, it performs the same functions like any other current-day wearable tech watch, except that the watch is designed to be more durable, offering an extended and more powerful battery life that lasts the user up to 5000 hours of wear and usage!

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Classy Designed Earphones That Make a Perfect Stocking Stuffer

We all know at least one audiophile in our life, or at least someone obsessed with music. If you’re looking for the perfect tech stocking stuffer to give to a friend who always has a pair of earphones in, our Texas invention development firm thinks the Jade Culture Earphone Jue 20 are perfect. These earbuds are not only high quality and made to fit securely in your ears, but come with a great stylish design that’ll look good on anyone. When not in use, you can transform the earbuds and magnetically lock them together to become a necklace pendant suspended by a tethering wire. The earbuds have an ergonomic design made for comfort and come in color of metallic color options for a classy look.

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Texas invention development firm

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